A Woman's Leadership Journey to Clarity

The Programme  creates awareness of the challenges of women in leadership – beginning with a woman’s innate qualities as a leader, opportunities in our strengths and life experiences to help create plans and goals to navigate our lives journey for both personal and professional development.

We shall identify key characteristics akin to what inspiring and strong women leadership looks like.  Participants will review, assess and appreciate their individual uniqueness to benchmark them.  Participants will discuss and develop strategies to leverage and/or mitigate perceived and actual gaps, and identify areas of their lives where they have been hostages.  They will explore and apply skills to build up their self-esteem and confidence, define their leadership identity and design a roadmap for personal development.

Who is it suitable for?

Designed for women from all backgrounds, ages and at different life stages. Both women in high-flying formal management positions as well as for women in non-management status stand to greatly benefit.

Companies and Organisations also stands to benefit in developing their talent pool for a gendered plan and help raise awareness in diversity and/or gender-related initiatives.

What results to expect?

The aims and objectives for each participant may be different and dependent on the particular life stage each woman finds herself, as well as their life experiences and aspirations.  Some may utilize the programme for professional development, while others may focus on shifts in levels of awareness, thinking and focusing on their personal lives for a well-integrated self.  Some may focus on priority areas to breakthrough their hostage mentalities.  It is simply a woman’s journey to be her best self so she can thrive instead of surviving!

What does the programme consist of?

The Programme will be delivered over a six-month period and consists of six modules supported by group coaching as well as observational learning:

Overall, the programme tackles issues such as:




In our work as coaches, trainers and facilitators, we have often worked alongside people of the female gender, whose challenges, though unique in certain ways, continuously resonate with elements and patterns common to most women.  We have also tapped into our own personal experiences and journeys respectively, to glean from the learnings and how we have failed forward helping us to build our resilient muscles.

Further conversations with female mentors, peers, friends and extended family members have echoed similar sentiments.  Against this background of intense conversations and armed with this richness, we have been inspired to design this programme to help women in whatever leadership positions they find themselves (formal or informal) to better navigate the challenges, the myths and non-myths of the gender aspects specific to women to become the best version of themselves in the different roles we play and to fully own our womanhood. 

Through this programme, we seek to engage participants in a conversation where we review where you are and where you want to go.  We equip you with the tools we have and those we co-create with you.  The experience would hopefully, empowers you to step out as the “new you” to take a seat at the table in order to bring about the transformation and change that you have embedded in you all along.

It is an honour and indeed a privilege to have permission to engage in this exciting journey to clarity with you.  It is our hope to add value to you to the best of our ability and to pour immensely into your life as you would in turn do for yourself and the people you lead.

Sarah Jessie Appiah and Sherita Douglas.

Roadmap and Schedule

Schedule dates

The Programme will be delivered over a six-month period and consists of six modules supported by group coaching as well as observational learning through Q & A.  In total we shall have 18 calls with a breakdown six (6) teaching calls:  six (6) group coaching calls and six (6) Q&A. See the entry below for the details of category of call.


1(a) Call One

2(a) Call Two

3(a) Call Three

4(a) Call Four

5(a) Call Five

6(a) Call Six


1(b) Call One

2(b) Call Two

3(b) Call Three

4(b) Call Four

5(b) Call Five

6(b) Call Six

Q & A

1(c) Call One

2(c) Call Two

3(c) Call Three

4(c) Call Four

5(c) Call Five

6(c) Call Six

Facebook Community

Welcome & Getting Started

Connect with your peers during these six (6)- month journey!

Our Facebook group will be our community for the duration of the programme ... use this group to pose questions, share your breakthroughs, and post important program updates.

You can request to join our closed Facebook group "Women in Leadership" by clicking the image below:

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MODULE TWO:- What got us here?

Are we sitting at the Table?

Are we sitting at the table?

When we look at history over past 10 decades about leaders who are movers and shakers of our socio-economic and political environments, we notice few women in leadership roles.  The question we have all been grappling with is why so few of us.  It could be somewhat understandable two centuries ago.  However, a lot of work has been done to bring about gender advancement, yet still, we are under-represented at the table of impactful decision-making which invariably impedes our personal and professional aspirations.

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