Sporting iD Training Manual

Welcome to our Sporting iD Training Manual.

Each section will explain and teach you how to use use Opera, Use our web shop, Process, Import and create new orders for licensed products and custom made.

There is also a section for our service centre detailing pricing and popular trouble shooting.

You will also find information for our key accounts and custom made department, order processing, pricing and other informative information.



Key Accounts


DW Sports 

DW Sports order for their retail stores and also for Wigan FC Retail. They place all ordered via the webshop.  Daniel Maher is the order contact and Matt Sharpe is his boss. Contacts are as follows: 

Accounts they use are DWSP01 for their stores and WIGA05 for Wigan retail. They receive EFL club pricing for Wigan retail orders. 

All orders for DW Sports and Wigan retail need booking in. Booking in procedure is to email across a copy of the delivery note to [email protected] and copy in Daniel and Matt Sharpe. They will then email across a booking in reference for you to use.

Wembley Stadium 

The Wembley Stadium Store order via the webshop using the WEMB01 account.  June Walsh and Terri Nicholls are the order contacts - [email protected]  & [email protected] 

They never select the correct delivery address on their orders so you will need to amend this when the order comes through to the following:  Wembley National Stadium Store, Wembley Stadium, Gate 5 , Wembley, London, HA9 0WS 

All orders need a PO number before we can dispatch. The orders usually come through without a one so when order comes through, email across a copy of the order to [email protected]  and request a PO number. Copy June Walsh and Terri Nicholls into this email.

Before dispatching, the order will need to be booked in. You will need to email [email protected] (copy in June Walsh and Terri Nichollsthe following details: 

Delivery Date : Time : No of Boxes :  Supplier : Sporting iD Delivery Company: UPS  At this time I do not have the courier drivers name or vehicle registration as the job has not been allocated yet.  We will be able to obtain this information on tomorrow following dispatch of the order. I will call UPS first thing to get these details and will forward them across to you on Monday as quickly as possible.  Can you please confirm we are fine to send this in tomorrow?

The following day (Monday if dispatched on Friday) first thing, call UPS and request the driver name and Vehicle registration. Usually the same driver but have this confirmed and then email these details to retail deliveries , June and Terri asap. 


 Account: LIFE01

 Contact: Mark Russell - [email protected]

 Currency: Euros

 Discount: 22% off all lines

 Orders Sent: Through the Web Shop

 Pack Size: We bag letters into 10s for them, I usually make a note of this on the order acknowledgment.

 Booking in: If you e-mail Lorraine Monaghan - DSV [email protected] and copy Mark Russell on when you send an order out and let them know it’s on the way, UPS can something deliver next day but sometimes its 2 days, we have no control over this but Lifestyle are aware that this is the case.

 Delivery: I do advise them 7 working days but they always try to push this, it depends on the volume of other orders in at the time if we can turn it quicker as it takes longer to prepare their orders as we have to open packs of letters, split them into 10s and re-bag. Orders usually get delivered to:

 Life Style Sports

DSV Solutions Ltd 

Building 4



Co. Kildare


Greaves Sports (GREA03) 

Contact: David Caldwell - [email protected]

All orders come through the web shop. Recently become a more key account so now has desk support. Don't hear from him too much , mainly just chases orders.

Soccer Box (JCSP01) 

Contact: Josh Anderson - [email protected]

Josh is the main order contact. All orders are placed via web. He tends to email chasing orders and back orders if any. Follow up on mailers quickly with any concerns/queries 

Celtic FC (CELT01)  

Siobhan Gatenby is the order contact - [email protected] 

All orders come through the webshop. They currently receive a 12% discount - special price attached to the webshop so prices should be correct. 

Currently SPFL champions so wear the SPFL Premiership champions badges. 

CELT07 is the player account. Orders are placed by the web. The order contact for this is David Campbell ([email protected]

Did not renew their service agreements - they will pay for one off services as and when they may require assistance. 

Newcastle United Players (NEWC07)

Ray Thompson is the kitman - [email protected]

Ray emails orders through and I put the order on through the webshop. Put a passback on the order, and let Ray know when it is ready and he will let you know when he will collect this

Newcastle Retail is ordered by Sports Direct 

Chelsea FC - Retail (CHEL06) 

Order via the webshop. 

Giacomo Migani is main order contact although Kevin Newman also emails from time to time. 

emails: [email protected]  and [email protected]  

People from warehouse may email from time to time if there are any issues but I don't usually need to contact them. 

Robbie Branch works at the Megastore and I believe he would be the one to contact regarding heat press renewals if these continue when Nike come on board in July 2017. Sarah Jones is head of retail and has enquired regarding procedures for service agreements 

Chelsea FC Players (CHEL07) 

Contacts are Garry Grey (Kitman) and Ricky Dowling (Garry's assistant) 

Ricky emails their orders through and I place these via the webshop for them. 

Once order is through, email Kim Mall (copy in Garry & Ricky) a copy of the order and request a PO. Do not dispatch the order without one

Their orders are always delivered to the training ground and must be marked for Garry/ Ricky's attention ( they sometime refuse the delivery if not). 

Delivery address: Garry Grey/Ricky Dowling, Chelsea FC training ground, 60-64 Stoke Road, Stoke D'Abermon , Cobham, Surrey, KT11 3PT  

Occasionally (not often) Craig Brown from the academy contact for advice/ordering. Any orders would just be placed on the CHEL07 account

they have a service agreement covering 2 heatpresses (did not cover the badge press)  

Tottenham Hotspur FC 

Dino Bagcavanoglu and Luke Mullery are the main order contacts ordering for both players and retail. They use TOTT01 for Retails and TOTT03 for players. 

All orders are delivered to their Ponders End warehouse. If possible, let Luke know when orders are being dispatched so he can let their warehouse know to expect this delivery. 

Contacts emails: [email protected] and [email protected]

They have service agreements to cover machines at their warehouse and stores. Refer to heatpress paperwork.

Crystal Palace Retail (CPFC01)

Foz Bowers is the main order contact and places all orders via the webshop. 

contact:  [email protected] 

They have platinum agreement in place for 4 machines 

Crystal Palace Players (CRYS04) 

Danny Young is the Kitman but Karl Eccleston does the ordering via the webshop. 

[email protected] and [email protected] 

do not have a service agreements 

Hull City FC 

Gill Wilkinson orders for both players and retail via the webshop. 

HULL05 for retail and HULL08 for players 

They have service agreements in place

Norwich City Retail (NORW01) 

main order contact is Daniella Moore [email protected]

All orders come through the webshop 

they tend to let stock run low then place big orders and request delivery asap. 

NO service agreement in place - have offered them previously

Norwich City Players (NORW02)

Kitman is Steve Rigby - [email protected]

Steve places all orders via the webshop

player orders are delivered to the training ground

Brighton & Hove Albion (BRIG02) 

Stuart Harris is the main order contact. Claire Britton occasionally orders - [email protected]  & [email protected]

All orders are placed via the webshop. Frequently request next day delivery (if not possible just email Stuart and let him know) 

Any issues with finances, Bonnie Baker can be contacted-  [email protected] 

Have a service agreement in place

Ipswich Town (IPSW01) 

Lee Hyde is the order contact - [email protected] 

places all orders via the webshop. 

Occasionally the account goes on stop, but if you email Lee Hyde he usually chases his accounts team and this is resolved fairly quickly. 

they have gold service agreement so they are chargeable for parts (20% discount applied for this)

Nottingham Forest (NOTT01) 

Nottingham Forest is now Proforma

All orders come through web. Once order is through, email a copy of the proforma to Samantha Dalley in their accounts department - [email protected]

Various people order for them however Caz Nguyen is main order contact - [email protected]

Have service agreements in place - refer to heatpress documents 

Leeds United (LEED07) 

Matthew Barron is the order contact - [email protected]

all orders come through the webshop. Often request speedy delivery. 

New key account as they are in running for promotion to PL 

Have service agreement in place - refer to heatpress documents

Derby County FC 

Contact is Mandy Hollis - [email protected] 

Mandy places all orders through the webshop. There is two accounts - DERB01 and DERB05 

DERB01- this is used for player requirements. Must have PO numbers 

DERB05 - this is the GLD retail account so all retail orders are placed on this account. 

Sheffield Wednesday (SHEF03) 

New Key account . 

Orders are placed via the webshop. 

Order contact is Liam Bashforth - [email protected] 

Not too much contact from them, usually just to chase orders or request quicker delivery

Have a GOLD service agreement in place - refer to heatpress documents - chargeable for part with 20% discount applied 

Wolverhampton Wanderers (WOLV01) 

Order contact - Peter Pridmore - [email protected]

Pete places all orders via the webshop. Occasionally requests next day. There has previously been issues with Saturday deliveries with UPS so needs monitoring. 

Have platinum heatpress agreement in place. Given lower price of £230 per machine as they did not require training and to secure the renewal 


International Accounts

  • The international accounts include Asia, South America, Africa, Australia, Europe (Except Spain and France that are apart). 
  • Every orders whose destination is outside the EU needs a commercial invoice.
  • These accounts are managed by Jonathan at a sales level   

FULL02 – Full Creation - *Distributor for China & Hong Kong
  • Contact: Joe Chong
  • Orders through the webshop
  • Receive 25% discount
  • Does not pay for shipping
  • Orders UEFA badges for his customer EZSH01 (official Chelsea and Liverpool store) – email the proforma to Joe and he will send the credit card payment form. Delivery of badges is sent directly to Ezshop.

POLY06 – Polymark Japan - *Distributor for Japan
  • Contact: Mayuki Takehara / Yushita 
  • Orders through the webshop
  • Receive 25% discount
  • No discount on shipping
PREM07 – Premier Sports International - *Distributor for Singapore (also cover Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Cambodia, Vietnam, South Korea, Taiwan and Philippines)
  • Contact: Siew Lan Choy/Mark Penu
  • Orders through the webshop
  • Receive 25% discount
  • Shipment via DHL - They use their own DHL account, the warehouse will need the paperwork ready before 11am to ensure enough time to arrange DHL collection.

EXCL01 – Exclusive Football Names - *Distributor for Australia
  • Contact: Enzo Serravalle
  • Orders through the webshop
  • Receive 25% discount
NORD01 – Nordiska - *Distributor for Scandinavia (covering Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Faroe Islands)
  • Contact: Adam Johansson
  • Orders through the webshop
  • Receive 25% discount
CRYS05 – Crystal Promotions - *Distributor for Holland region
  • Orders through the webshop
  • Contacts: Michael Aschman and David Van Streun

IHDD01 – Inhaler Clothing/Designashirt - *Distributor for South Africa
  • Contact: Darren Zidel
  • Orders through the webshop
  • Receive 25% discount
  • May cease to be our distributor in the near future
CANT02 - Canton Merchandising - Distributor for Mexico – Account manager: Jonathan Collinson
  • Contact: Xav Canton
  • Orders through the webshop
  • Receive 25% discount
  • Paperwork: explained later in "More about Opera"
SUNS01 – Sun & Sand Sports – Distributor for Dubai
  • Contact – Ashwin Alex
  • Orders through the webshop
  • Receive 25% discount

EMIR01- The Emirates 
  • They use their own Fedex account – usually our warehouse will call Fedex to arrange the collection, however, sometimes Emirates will instruct Fedex to call us to confirm the collection.

Spanish accounts

  • The Spanish accounts are managed by Jonathan at a sales level. 
  • Usually I speak Spanish with them but some of them send emails in English 

ADID04 - Adidas Spain
  • This is the store at Bernabeu, they order online and receive 2% discount on the old pricing structure. Free shipping
  • Carlos Oliva is the contact but anyone at the store can contact us if he’s not there. [email protected]

REAL02 - Real Madrid Players 
  • They order online and receive 35% discount on the old pricing structure. Free shipping
  • Álvaro Marín orders for them [email protected]

GLOB03 - Global Merchandising 
  • They manage the Real Madrid Official Stores and receive 25% off current pricing. They order via email to be uploaded into Opera (explained in "More about Opera"). Free shipping. 
  • Patricia Cortes sends the orders across [email protected] but Adrián González is the buyer who is responsible for putting the orders together for their own stores [email protected] Sergio Garcia oversees all the franchise stores [email protected]
  • Own Stores: Gran Via, Carmen, Arenal, Las Rozas Village and Promarba (this is their warehouse which they sometimes request deliveries to). 
  • Franchise Stores: Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona, Madrid Airport T4 NET, Madrid Airport T4 SAT. 
SIPE01 - Sipesa 
  • They are the spanish distributor who distributes in all Iberia. They receive 33% discount on the old pricing structure. 
  • Free shipping on orders over €2500, any orders under this value need to be edited to include shipping because they’ll always choose Free Shipping when they check out of the web regardless of the order value. 
  • I usually go with a standard cost of €30 on the UPS Delivery code. This will come through with their 33% discount so we need to delete this discount when keying it on to Opera.
  • Elena Monroy is the owner [email protected] and Enrique Fernández places the orders: [email protected]

French accounts 

PANI01 - Panini 
  • Karim Kraria is the main contact but Benoit Cuillier is the one placing most of the orders. [email protected]  - They order through the webshop. 
  • Biggest French customer  
  • Orders to be processed before the 7 working days
FFFO01 - French Federation
  • French Football Federation - to be processed manually in priority 
  • Contacts are: Christophe Bel [email protected], Lionel Plouze [email protected] and Xavier Boussardon [email protected]
  • Rodolphe is in close contact with them and advise when they have an order.  
  • Send the pro forma invoice to Xavier Boussardon to get the DA number for the invoice before sending the order
FFM01 - French Merchandising 
  • To be treated in priority as well as they are the official shop - They order through the webshop. 
  • Contact is: [email protected] 
ADID62 - Adidas France 
  • All the Adidas France accounts are linked to this account
  • All stores have their own PO that are included in the delivery address to prevent any invoicing problem (IDN14)
NIKE95 - Nike France 
  • All the Nike France accounts are linked to this account. 
  • Aileen Rodriguez is the main contact for PO: [email protected]
  • Stores place the order online and then Aileen confirms it and put the PO on. She checks out the order. 
SOCO01 - NSH Football SASO01 - 11 Football Club 
  • Orders normally through the webshop except for the Charlo style that is processed manually.  
  • Contact: [email protected]
DECA93 - Décathlon France 
  • All stores are independent and linked to this account - They all order through the webshop.
  • Each stores have their own contact - Careful with the invoices, they have to be followed closely
GOSP00 - Go Sport France 
  • All stores are also independent and have their own contact but all the accounts are linked to this main one. They all order through the webshop.
  • Careful, GOSP69 is a franchise and therefore pays himself.  



Below are a list of accounts i manage on a daily basis.

England Players

  • All orders are sent by Kevin at ISS and are manually processed on the FAAS01 account. 
  • PO must be on each invocie. Email Mark Simkin [email protected] for the PO . If away on international duty these can be added on at a later date.

Blue Moon

  • Contact - Graham Herbert [email protected] 
  • Account - BLUE01
  • Orders are plaed online via webshop 
  • Places orders for Manchester United and Manchester City Players.

Just Sport  

  • Custom made orders are emailed in by Jen or Adam at Just Sport. 
  • Account - JUST06
  • These are processed manutally and have the below pricing.
  • 100cm2 - Single Colour - £0.57
  • 100cm2 - Multi Colour- £0.71
  • 200cm2 - Single Colour - £0.71
  • 200cm2 - Multi Colour -£0.87

Premier Rugby

Contact - Jennifer Spink

Account - PREM09

Orders are placed online by the clubs and invoiced centrally to Premier Rugby.


Fanatics International Ltd KITB01

Fanatics main contact is Nadine Allcock. [email protected] she works with James O'Loughlin James.O'[email protected] . All small top up orders are placed online.

Fanatics use a MRD system for ordering and will send orders to be uploaded via csv. files. Instructions on how to do this can be found in 'More about Opera - How to import order on Opera via .csv documents'

Fanatics run online retail for and Manchester United and also run Everton, Manchester City and Aston Villa (In store and online). They also run Real Madrid's online web store for Europe and the UK.

Importing KITB01 Orders

You will need two documents to upload an order. The csv order sheet & the header. Examples can be found on my desktop.

  • Orders sent through via email and need editing to enable them to import into Opera.

  • IT_STOCK, IT_ANAL, IT_QUAN, IT_PRICE, IT_DESC should be the column layout.

  • Filter on IT_QUAN to find 0 quantities and blanks and delete them all

  • Insert Column before IT_STOCK and call it IT_DOC

  • In IT_DOC column put the next sequential order number. All start UPLxxxxx (follow on from last number)

  • Insert a column before IT_DOC and call it IT_EXDATE – Enter date is format of 15/03/2017 to the day the order is due to ship. If its 7 days then date is 7 days from order date.

  • When all orders have been edited and are on the spreadsheet save it as as a .csv file 

  • Change ‘KITB01 Header’ spreadsheet so that IT_DOC Number matches the doc you just gave it Save as .csv file

  • Do you now have two csv’s ready to import. Your header and your order.

Now ready to import into Opera – follow these steps.

  • Administration

  • Import Wizard, Next

  • Invoicing/SOP Documents, Next

  • Click on box next to ‘Invoicing/SOP Document Headers’

  • Click on the 3 dots to add your ‘header file’ in the top box then the same to add your order to the 2nd box

  • Tick box ‘CSV files include column headings’ then click Next

  • In next screen make sure the following boxes are ticked: Show Progress Bar, Allow Keyboard Interrupts, Update Target Files, Suppress Warnings. (Normally only Suppress Warnings is unticked and needs to be ticked) then click Next and Start.

  • This should then import the orders onto Opera.

  • When this is done, go to KITB01 account and you’ll see your order there as a document. They then need changing to Orders so for each one press F9 and click yes when it asks if you want to edit. Click no unless you have the PO numbers already.

  • Done!


JD Sports JDSF02

Orders placed online by Daniel McGowan [email protected]. Jonathan Haworth [email protected] is a go to retail point of contact. They place all orders online and then emails PO numbers through. Its PO per line. Once they are received just let them know a shipping date and they will have a booking in sent through. The booking email is [email protected] if you need it but generally they’ll just sort it internally. You don’t need to advise a box count etc. It’s usually a pre-9 slot so make sure the warehouse know this and they have the reference number.

Orders PL and other feds, RM & FCB occasionally.

They have a service agreement.

Arsenal FC Retail ARSE01

Otis is the main contact. [email protected] He places / or should place all orders online. Some orders get delivered to Highbury House but most large orders ship to Torque , their warehouse. Otis will tell you and put the correct address for delivery when he orders.

Arsenal FC Players ARSE03

Paul Akers is the kit man [email protected] He is now placing orders online but sometimes orders the wrong things so check he’s ordering PS Pro.

They have a service agreement.

Liverpool FC Retail LIVE01

All orders placed online by various staff. Main contacts are Andy Unsworth [email protected] & Kelly Alexander [email protected] all orders are to be booked in by email the warehouse [email protected] you need to send box count and confirm PO number of the order.

They have a service agreement across retail.

Liverpool FC Players LIVE04

The academy have a service agreement too but not the main players.

Lee Radcliffe is the kit man [email protected] he emails all orders still and delivery is always to the Melwood Training Ground.

Manchester United Retail MANC06

Rob Moss places all orders online. [email protected] delivery is always to their warehouse. Don’t really here from Mike Hewitt much. He is Robs boss. No booking required. Two references need to be on all orders. A Kerridge number and a RAML number. Most of the time the RAML number follows but make sure no orders go out without both references on. Rob knows this and will email the RAML number when available.

Manchester United will soon be introducing a booking in process. Any orders without a booking in will be refused. Rob Moss will be sending an official document soon but in the meantime he will advise a booking reference at the time of ordering.

No service agreement.

Manchester United Players MANC09

Alec Wylie is the kit man. [email protected] He still emails orders through. All deliveries to the training ground (address will be on previous orders) Alec has both his machines covered by a service agreement.

Orders MUST have a PO, Request this from Alec upon receipt of the order by confirming the value.

Alec has a service agreement for both machines.

Other PL & EFL Clubs

All other clubs order online and don't generally have any specific instructions with regards to deliveries or special requirements.

Premier League clubs must order their player and retail requirements separately. Each club does have a retail and player account.

Premier League clubs I look after.

  • AFC Bournemouth 
  • Burnley FC
  • Leicester City FC
  • Middlesbrough FC
  • Southampton FC
  • Stoke City FC
  • Sunderland AFC
  • Watford FC
  • West Bromich Albion FC
  • West Ham United FC

EFL Clubs I look after...

  • Fulham Football Club
  • QPR Football Club
  • Reading FC

Have we missed anything?

  • No
  • Yes

How to use Opera

How to create an order

Opera home screen

Click SOP - Processing in the Supply chain management section to open a customers account.

Looking for an account

Press Ctrl & F at the same time on your keyboard to find an account. When the search box appears you can search account number. You can also search by address , post code, email address in the advanced section.

Order screen (F5)

This is the customers account where you can view orders, current balances, addresses, memos and contact information.

Creating a new manual order

Once on the order screen click Ctrl & N to create a new order. Ensure you enter the delivery address (if different from the invoice address). Customer reference which could be a purchase order number or just their name. The expected delivery date will automatically adjust to 7 working days but this can be edited should the order need to ship before that.

Comments - this can be courier / specific delivery information if required.
Once this is all complete click OK. 

New order screen

In the reference box you can search for the product you are looking for by product sku or a word from the description. Once you find the item you want enter your quantity and hit 'page down' on your keyboard as below.

Once you have entered all of the products which need to be ordered you can click on post in the bottom right hand corner. This will post your order to the customers account.

How to do a delivery note

Delivery screen F6

To get to the delivery screen press F6 on your keyboard.

Find the order you wish to deliver, ensure the entire line is highlighted grey and hit F9. An options box will appear asking if you wish to save to file, email or print your delivery notes. Choose the option you want.

Would you like to edit your order? If yes click yes and you can edit by repeating the 'how to place an order' screen.

If you would like to go straight to a delivery note press No.

Scroll through each line on your order ensuring the quantity box in the bottom left matches the products which have been picked. If they are back ordered ensure the quantity is zero and if they are partially available ensure the quantity in this box is correct. Once you are happy click OK. You will then have two copies of the delivery note. One for your order and one to be sent with the goods.

Print a back order report

Back order report

From your Opera home screen go to SOP processing, click on reports then back order.

You can filter by account, product or document and then by date range. If you want to look at forward orders ensure you date further ahead. Click OK.

Once you have chosen if you wish to print or view your report you will receive a report like above.

Check product stock

From the Opera home screen click on stock - processing.

Stock screen

By using the find short cut Ctrl & F you can search for products by sku or a key word, just when processing an order. 

When you find the product you need click OK. This will then show the above stock screen.

In here you can see how many units are in stock, if any are on sales order and if any are on purchase order.

By pressing F12 twice you can also view the activity of the product.

Opera short cut keys

F5 – Order Screen

F6 – Delivery Screen

F7 – Invoice Screen

F9 – to create a delivery note from an order or an invoice from a delivery note

‘Ctrl’ & ‘f’ – Find an account

‘Ctrl’ & ‘n’ – Create new

‘Ctrl’ & ‘d’ – Delete

‘Esc’ – to close an Opera window or order (only hit escape once if you have not posted an order or it will be deleted!)

Do you feel confident in the basic use of Opera?

  • Yes
  • No

Sporting iD Web Shop & Magento

Importing orders from Magento

Step 1: Log in to Magento 

Log into Magento using your username and password by going to :  

Step 2: Dashboard 

Upon logging in you will be directed to the Magento Dashboard (see screen shot above). From the options along the top, select the Sales tab and from this drop down menu, select "orders"

Step 3: Viewing Orders 

You should now see a list of all the recent orders that have come through. ( see screen shot above for reference) 

Step 4: Importing orders

From the tabs across the top the screen, click on "Opera".  A drop down tab will appear - click on "Import/Export" (see above image)

Step 5: importing orders 

the above screen should now appear. Where it says: Manually export orders from Opera. New orders will be created within Opera - click the "execute" button next to this.

Step 6 : Import confirmed.

Once an order has began importing, the above screen should now appear. The order will now be importing into Opera and should be there to see in 15-20 minutes if not sooner.  

Searching for customers in Magento

Step 1:  Finding Customers 

From the tabs along the top, click on "Customers" Tab and then scroll to "Manage Customers" and click on this (see above image)

Step 2: Viewing Customers

You should now see the above screen. This lists all of the customers we have in Magento.

Step 3: Finding specific customers 

To find a specific customer, enter their account code (username), email or name into the spaces provided and hit enter. (see above example)

Step 4 : Customer Found

This should now have found the customer you are searching for (see above example). Now click onto the customer and this will open their account details.

Step 5: Viewing customer account.

You will now be able to view the details on the account. by viewing the their details from the Tabs down the left hand side of the page. You will be able to view details including the following: 

a) Account information

b) Addresses

c) Previous orders

see next for further details regarding these areas. 

Step 5.a : Account information 

This section will show you how the account is set up. You can see which customer group they belong to, what their minimum orders are in terms of value and ordering in packs . You will also be able to see which currency the account is in and what their payment methods are. Also in this section, you will be able to reset their password should they request us to do so. (see above image as an example) 

Step 5.b : Addresses 

this section will show the address that are set up for the account. Both billing and shipping address if they differ. 

Step 5.c : Previous Orders

in this section, you will be able to view all previous orders the account has placed on the webshop. 

Step 6 : Logging in as a customer 

If you click on the Log in as Customer button, this then logs you into the webshop as the customer. We use this to check on any changes we make to the accounts, products or if a customer has an issue so we can see what they are seeing. (see above as reference)

Importing a Customer into Magento

Step 1: The customer must be set up in Opera correctly. 

Refer to "Settings for the Webshop" details in the "How to Create an account on Opera" section.  As well as he above details, the address details must be correctly detailed.

Step 2: Import Customer. 

Once details are correct in Opera,  click on Opera from the tab at the top and click on Import/Export button.


Step 3: Import Customer

The above screen will then appear. Click on the execute button next to "Manually import customers from Opera. New customers will be created and existing customers will be updated"

Step 4: Customer Import Complete

The above screen will show up when importing the customer and this is complete. This will show up as 1 customer imported when done.

Do you think you could import orders into Opera now?

  • Yes
  • No

More about Opera

How to create an account on Opera

Step 1: Financials tab

  • Go to the "Financials" section on Opera 
  • Click on "Processing" - A window like the one below will open
  • Press Ctrl + N to start creating the new account

Step 2: Account number

  • On this window, you will have to create the account number with 4 letters and 2 digits, for example FULL02. If the account number already exists the program will let you know
  • Then specify the type of account (Euro account or normal sterling account)
  • Press "ok".

Step 3: Client's details

  • Just fill in the different section with the information provided on the new account form
  • You need to click "web enabled" to get it imported in Magento so the customer can order online
  • You also need to determine the password. We usually use "changeme". The customer will be able to change it the first time he logs on. 
  • We always need an accounts contact, if not the account won't be imported in Magento
  • Ledger account is when an account is linked to another one that is used for invoicing. For example Adidas France ADID62 is the main account for all the Adidas France stores (ADID64, ADID65, etc...) All the payments and invoices will be added on the main account.

Step 4: Webshop's settings

  • This section will help you to determine the settings for the web shop. For example if the client will pay pro forma or if he will have a minimum order limit
  • Below are the usual settings we use for the web shop
  • Always check with Eileen if a client can have a credit limit or not. If not, they will have to pay by bank transfer or by credit card before we can send the order. 

Step 5: Options 

  • By clicking on "Action" you have access to the other settings for the account. 
  • In "option", you will be able to set the currency of the account and the bank account it will be linked to.  

  • On this account, you can see that the account is a Euro account.

Step 6: Analysis

  • On this part of the settings, you can choose the territory and the customer type
  • Most of the time we chose retail as you can see above. 

Step 7: Terms 

  • In this section, you can determine if the client will have a special price list, the due date options for the invoices, what emails the client will receive and how much credit limit he can have
  • Eileen is the one who will decide if a credit limit is needed and how much. On this section she can also put the account on stop (under email) 
  • Do not tick the delivery notes email as it is a problem for the warehouse 

Step 8: Delivery 

  • When Opera is asking for Delivery always set "Main - Sporting iD" like on the image below


Step 9: VAT number 

  • UK accounts should always pay VAT, so you need to enter a VAT number in the section of the same name. 
  • Most of the European accounts don't pay VAT but have to give their VAT number to not be charged on opera 
  • If a country does not exist on Opera, ask Sarah to add it

How to import .csv orders on Opera

  • The orders are sent through via email and need to be edited in a certain way so we can import them into Opera 
  • The orders must have the following columns: IT_STOCK, IT_ANAL, IT_QUAN, IT_PRICE and IT_DESC

  • Another document is needed to have a successful import: the Header in .csv

Step 1: Header document 

  • There are three sections in the header document as above
  • Only the first two columns need to be changed 
  • The first column is the name of the document that must match with the name of the email order
  • The second column is the account number
  • The last column always stays with a "U"  
  • In this example, there are 4 different order so 4 rows 
  • This document is always in .csv format

Step 2: The orders received by email

  • Open the Excel document the client sent
  • On this example, there are 4 differents orders to be placed on one account (GLOB03) 
  • The first step is to enable the document so it can be edited  
  • Then the first two rows need to be deleted (Here, "Fecha de entrega" and "PCXXX") . The document is ready to be used 
  • GV, CAR, ARE and LRV refer to the 4 store of the GLOB03 account
  • The orders will have to be treated one by one. For that, copy and paste the quantities into the "IT-QUAN" column and delete the other columns for the other stores

  • This is what the document should look like once the first quantities have been copied and pasted

Step 3: Filter

  • You can now add the filters and select the "0" quantities only 
  • Delete all these "0" lines 
  • The order is what is left   

Step 4: IT_DOC

  • Add now a column on the left and name it "IT_DOC"
  • In this column will be the name of the document 
  • The name needs to be added for each lines 

Step 5: Save the document 

  • Save document .csv file with the name you will have chosen

  • Reopen order spread sheet received from customer and repeat above steps for the next store order. Instead of saving it, copy the data and paste in saved spreadsheet under existing data. Don’t copy the column headings

  • When this window appears just press ok
  • It might ask that several times. Always keep the .csv format 

Step 6: Repeat with other orders if there are some 

  • Reopen order spread sheet received from customer and repeat above steps for the next store order. Instead of saving it, copy the data and paste in the .csv saved spread sheet with the previous orders 
  • Don’t copy the column headings
  • Once all the orders have been added, you can close the document but always keep the .csv format
  • The order is now ready to import in Opera

Step 7: The import in Opera 

Go to: 

  • Administration
  • Import Wizard and then press Next

  • Click on box next to ‘Invoicing/SOP

  • Once you reach this screen, tick the box for "CSV file(s) include column headings"
  • Use the header document for ‘Invoicing/SOP Document Details’ then use the .csv file you created with the new order and click next

  • On this screen, make sure the following boxes are ticked: Show Progress Bar, Allow Keyboard Interrupts, Update Target Files, Suppress Warnings. (Normally only Suppress Warnings is unticked and needs to be ticked) then click Next and on the next screen press Start.

  • If everything is fine you should have this screen at the end of the import 
  • Here you can see the 4 orders have been imported

  • When it is asking you to print, just press cancel
  • The orders have now been imported

Step 8: 

  • As the orders have been imported, now you can go to the client's account and you will see the Orders are there as "Documents". They need to be changed into "Orders" so for each one press F9 and click yes when it asks if you want to edit the order.

  • On the next screen input the delivery address, PO Number, Placed By and change the Expected Delivery Date depending on what they have requested as a shipping date, and post the order.

  • Repeat for all the documents on the account

  • As you can see the document is now an order.
  • Done! You can now process the order normally.

How to process Mexican orders

Mexico is quite "picky" in term of paperwork. The following steps are to be done for each order. 

Step 1: Orders' placement 

  • The orders will be placed online and processed normally by Claire
  • Usually the Mexican accounts are pro forma so they will have to pay before we can ship the order 

Step 2: Orders' preparation 

  • The warehouse will prepare the order, pack it in boxes and bring back the paperwork in the office. 
  • At the end of the order on Opera, add the following details: 
    1. Incoterm: FCA
    2. The number of boxes 
    3. The boxes dimensions and weight (detailed for each one if there are several boxes) 

Step 3: Opera

  • On Opera deliver off and invoice the order normally 
  • Create the commercial invoice with the invoice template provided, it has to have all the extra information on it ("Products made in the EU" in English and in Spanish)

Step 4: Labels 

  • Once everything is printed, add a Spanish label and an English label to the end of both delivery note and invoice
  • Stamp with the company stamp and sign below in blue ink

Step 5: Record 

  • Scan all the paperwork before shipping the order 
  • Email across the scanned documents and send the tracking number 
  • Below is an example:

XRL documents

XRL Documents 

We use XRL documents to have access to datas from Opera. This way we generate reports that can help us while working. 

For example, we have an XRL document for all delivery notes created on the day you run the report. 

We also have documents for the stock that is coming, the customers history etc.  

Step 1: Logging in on XRL 

  • When you are on excel, go to "Info Q&A" and click "logon"
  • When asking for a username and password, just enter "emma" in the username section and press ok.  

Step 2: Updating the document 

  • Double click on "deliveries", it will open a window
  • You can change the information you would like in the document
  • Once you have all the information, press ok and the document will import datas from Opera

  • Below is the document updated: 


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Batch invoicing

How To Invoice

Step 1: Open Opera 

Log in Opera using the Invoice account. Login details as follows:

Username: invoice

Password: invoice

Step 2: Go to Supply chain management 

When logged into Opera, go to Supply Chain Management tab 

Step 3 : Express ClickYes

From the Start menu, find "Launch ClickYes" and click this. The symbol will show in the bar across the bottom of the screen

Step 4: SOP Batch Processing

From the options under Supply Chain Management, click on" Batch". This will then open the SOP Batch Processing box displaying the settings you will need to select

Step 5 : Batch processing selections 

  • From the drop down box next to Sequence, change this to "Account" - this will pick up every active account 
  • In document range, from drop down list change the from to "Delivery" - this will then automatically change the To box to "Invoice"
  • Where it says E-Mail only, tick the box and then click "OK" button

Step 6: List of delivery notes generated 

From the above box that appears, scroll down through all of the delivery notes showing as generated. Make sure they all say "yes" next to this. If not, hit F5 to change this to yes and continue. 

Step 7 : View Sequence

The above command box appears : click "view sequence button"

Step 8: Generating Invoice

You will now see the above screen. This is for selecting the method of sending the invoice. Make sure this says "printer" and then click publish.

Step 9: Repeat invoice procedure

We now have to do another run of invoicing to ensure no delivery notes have missed being invoiced. Repeat steps 3-8.

Step 10 : Finishing 2nd run of invoicing 

After the  2nd batch run of invoicing has finished, and if delivery notes being invoiced cannot be emailed for any reason, just print the invoice off and post out to the customer instead.

Using Suggested Deliveries XRL to finish invoicing

Using Suggested Deliveries XRL to finish Invoicing 

We use the suggested deliveries XRL sheet to finish off the invoicing. This is used to double check that after two runs of invoicing, no delivery notes have not been invoiced. 

This will usually pick up any delivery notes not invoiced for the following reasons:

  • account has gone on stop after the order was delivered off 
  • An order has been dispatched before the due date 

If the suggested deliveries picks up any delivery notes still not invoiced, we will then have to manually invoice the order. Please see the following steps for this method

Step 1: Open Suggested Deliveries XRL 

Open the Suggested Deliveries XRL sheet and log in.

Step 2: Running XRL 

Once logged in, double click on the "Delivery " and the "detail report" box will appear. See screen shot above for reference. 

You will not need to do anything with this box as the required functions are set so just click "OK" when this appears

Step 3:  Running XRL / results found 

After clicking "OK" this will then run the report and will either find any delivery notes still not invoiced for any reason. If all delivery notes have been invoiced, the screen will show up blank under the relevant heading  or if there is delivery notes not invoiced this will show up details of which delivery notes (See example of this above)

Step 4 : Manually Invoice 

If the report shows any delivery notes not invoiced, you will need to manually invoice this. You will go to the relevant account, hit F7, find the relevant delivery note and hit F9 button to invoice. The box will appear to ask how you want to issue the invoice - click email and then publish.  The invoice due date box will appear so just click close and this will then email the invoice to the customer.

Invoicing an account which is now on stop

Invoicing an account now on stop

Sometimes, accounts put an account on stop after we have generated a delivery note so this cannot be invoiced using the usual invoicing procedure so we need to manually invoice. To do this follow the following steps:

Step 1: Go to Financials

Firstly, we need to take the account off stop. Go to "Financials" then click processing.  Control +F and find the relevant account. Click the action button at the bottom then click on terms. 

Step 2: Taking account off stop 

After clicking on "terms" the above box will appears. Untick where this say "STOP" on the right hand side and hit the save button.

Step 3: Manually invoicing

Go to Supply Chain Management and open the processing screen. Once open find the relevant account. Press F7 and highlight the relevant delivery note and then hit F9. The publisher box will then appear asking how you want to issue the invoice.  make sure email is highlighted (printer if only option available) and hit publish (see above image for reference)

Step 4: Confirm the due date for the invoice 

The invoice due date will appear. Click close and this will now email the invoice to the customer.

Step 5: Put account back on stop 

The account now needs to be put back on stop. Go back to financial sand find the account and click action button. Click on terms and the above screen will appear. 

Tick the "STOP" button and then hot the save button and close. The account is now back on stop. 

Step 6: Add a memo note

On the account, add a memo note to explain that you took account off stop to invoice goods sent before the account was put on stop and that you have put the account back on stop.

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Custom made

Sporting ID Custom Made Manual

Sporting ID custom made is a department within the business who specialise the custom made heat transfers. We supply sports players and Retail requirement across a number of leagues and licenses.

This is a complete Custom made manual from a Customer Services point of view from receipt of order to dispatch. This manual will give you a breakdown of all the products we offer and how best to process the orders whether it be Repeat or New designs.

Order receipt

Orders will come to you via email; no orders are taken over the phone.

Repeat Orders

If the order that has come in is a repeat design we will have the artwork on file. These will already have been priced previously and you will need to check Opera to find the price. If unable to find you can check the personal folders on RW computer for pricing information

New Orders

If customer wants a new design to be printed you will need to follow the below instructions. You will first need to find out if the customer wants to have a flock or PU badge. (PU plastic, Flock – felt material) – All samples are FOC and can be sent using the Sporting ID FOC account

Artwork will need to be in illustrator path artwork format (ai or eps format) When received, the best way to price the job is to follow the pricing guides that are available on the System. If you feel this is going to be too expensive (my general rule of thumb is anything over £2 you are going to struggle to get the work) you can do a pricing exercise using our pricing calculators. (Please see further section on pricing calculators if this applies). Anything below 50% VM must be approved by Chris Rogerson

Artwork to be saved down in the Digital drive (L) and then into the team or retailers folder, If no folder then you will have to create a new artwork folder for this customer

Before proceeding with the order you will need to ask the customer what type of fabric they are being applied too, the majority of our transfers will apply to most garments but if they advise Nylon or Spandex/Stretch garments ask for a garment for testing prior to confirming the order.

Lee in production will always give advice on which product he thinks will work best on a certain type of fabric, if unsure speak to him and he will be happy to help.

Order confirmation

If customer agrees to the price and places an order you will need to place an order onto the system. This can be done by using the following codes

DB flock – 340017999999001 – This can be used for any DB flock transfers. You will need to edit the description so it has the job name and size/colour in the description.

Digital PU – 340018999999001 - This can be used for any Digital PU Transfers. You will need to edit the description so it has the job name and size/colour in the description.

Plotter Cut PU or FLock – 340013999999006 – This can be used for single colour transfers, You will need to edit the description so it has the job name and size/colour and also if it is PU or Flock, in the description.

You will need to date the order in Opera – Due date is the date of dispatch. This needs to be done every single order so production can plan their workload

Order confirmation cont.

Once you have the order on the system you will need complete a job sheet for production to follow. There is a template set up on the Digital Server to use (please see below) this is a type able form that will need to be filled in and attached to the front of the order confirmation. You will need to open up Illustrator to use this file,

Select the Type option on the scroll down bar on the left of the programme, you can then select the area of text you want to edit and tab down when you have filled in your information.

Above is the layout the job sheet we need to be compelted in. *Looking to get a Word based version for this in the foreseeable*

Digital Planner / Consolidations Report

When you have processed an order they will automatically be uploaded to the Digital Planner. This can be found on the Digital Server under Capacity planner > Automated scheduling. You will Need to re run the XRL report each morning and refresh both the digital planner and also consolidations report. The Consolidations Report will be run by production. You will need to print out a new planner to take through to production to talk through the jobs required for that day/week. Any job that is in red is late.

Pricing Calculators

These are on the Digital (L) server under Digital pricing calculators. Please see the next page for example spreadsheet. To get the in cost you will need to put the height and width of your logo into the spreadsheet, (where the 200 and 100 cells are on the next page) this will get you your total in cost. You can then adjust what you look to make on the job by changing the grey cell. Currently this is being marked up by 76% Variable margin. VM should never drop below 65% as a rule in ITW Graphics, 40% if approved by management is the lowest you can go.

If the job is fairly complex across various sizes or complicated it is always best to check with production before agreeing to a price with production.

Training Wear


Training wear can be produced in any colour, size, font that the customer requires. They will normally tell you which font they require but if unsure you can send them the “fonts for training wear” PDF off the server. The standard pricing for this is £0.20 per digit, in either flock or PU,

Initials and double number can be cut as one transfer and are charged at £0.40 per transfer. Above is an example of a Training wear order on the system. This will again need to be replicated onto a job sheet as per the normal ordering process.

Product Information


All product information on our 4 processes are in a separate manual, this will give you the technical data, and selling points of each product. The four processes are

DB Flock – Multi colour flock transfer

Digital PU – Multi Colour PU transfer

Cad Cut PU – Single Colour PU Transfer

Cad Cut MR – Single Colour White MR Transfer (this will stop colour bleed) Cad Cut Flock – Single Colour Flock Transfer

Cad Cut Flock MR – Single Colour Flock Transfer (will stop colour bleed)

It is always good practice to ask the customer which process they want. If they are unsure you can sample the logo in both processes and let them decide,


 County Cricket Style – Used in both LV= (4 day) championship and Royal London (50 over format)


The County Cricket names and numbers are worn in both LV= and Royal London competitions. These are produced in Cad Cut PU (single colour) The prices are below

Numbers - £0.75

Names – 3 letter name - £0.65, 4 letter name £0.85, 5 Letter name - £1.05, 5 letter name - £1.25, 7+ Letter name - £1.35

T20 Blast Names and Numbers 

These are worn in T20 (20 over) games, These are produced in either DB Flock or Digital PU and are single colour with the T20 crest in the bottom of the number. Prices are below

Names - £1.35

Numbers - £1.35

T20 Blast Names and Numbers 

These are worn in T20 (20 over) games, These are produced in either DB Flock or Digital PU and are single colour with the T20 crest in the bottom of the number. Prices are below

Names - £1.35

Numbers - £1.35


Just Sport

 Just Sport has a pricing agreement with us based on buying transfers for us throughout the year. The prices for sponsor logos are below

Single Colour

100cm2 - £0.57

200cm2 - £0.71

Multi Colour

100cm2 - £0.71

200cm2 - £0.87

To get the size of the transfer multiply the height x width, (200x100mm) = 200cm2 If the logo size comes to 150cm2 price the logo between the two sizes. Anything over 250cm2 please quote outside of this pricing and advise price is more expensive due to size being larger than normal.

Crest size logos are priced at £0.50 per logo.

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Service Centre

Service Agreements , Servicing and Heat press Sales and Loans

What We Offer 

Depending on the needs of the customer, we can offer the following: 

  • Gold and Platinum Service agreements to cover the machines against fault. 
  • One off servicing to maintain the heatpress
  • Buying new or reconditioned machines in 
  • Loaning heatpress 

See below sections for further details of each of these options

Platinum Service Agreement 

• Two annual services per machine

• 48 hour emergency breakdown cover

• Two shirt printing training sessions for a maximum of 5 members of staff

• All parts and labour included 

Cost: £270.00 per machine per year

Stock Code: 320020900999013

Gold Service Agreement

(not recommended for proforma accounts)

• One annual service per machine

• One shirt printing training session for a maximum of 5 members of staff

• 20% discount on replacement parts required 

• Breakdown call outs included 

Cost : £156.00 per machine per year

Stock Code: 32002090999014

One off Service 

We don't currently have any set price for a one off service so we quote a price based on the following:

  • £20 per hour labour costs 
  • 25p per mile travelling costs (there and back to nearest office -Witham or Newcastle )  
  • Cost of any parts required to repair any faults/service the machines

Buying a Heatpress 

  • Heat press can be purchased from us  either brand new or re-conditioned. 
  • Standard machines offered are HF4500 and HF4900 Blue. 
  • We offer HF4900 recons for around £800 and HF4500 for around £600. 
  • Carriage to ship all machines is £50
  • New machines come with 1 year warranty and recons have 6 moths warranty to cover against fault. 
  • All heatpresses must go out with a User Manual.

Loaning a Machine 

We can also offer to loan machines in the following instances :

  1. Customer has requested a loan of a machine - for example Wembley Stadium and QPR players have done so). To do this, we charge £100 per week to loan and £50 each way for carriage costs. 
  2. A customer has a service agreement in place, but we are  unable to get Mel in to visit them within a few days.  We would send a machine in to customer on loan free of charge until Mel can visit. Mel will often bring the machine back or we would alternatively arrange collection of the heatpress.  

Renewing A Service Agreement

Taking out/Renewing a Service Agreement

If a customer decides they want to take out/ renew a service agreement, follow these steps: 

  1. Find their account on Opera
  2. Hit F7 to bring up the invoice screen. 
  3. Control + N to create a new invoice 
  4. When the publish box comes up, highlight printer and then click publish. 
  5. Fill in details (e.g their PO number if necessary and the name of the person who requested this)- I usually put a note in the comments to say this invoice is for the service agreements and click OK. 
  6. Enter the platinum or gold service agreement code and enter the quantity and hit page down ( at this stage discount can be added is necessary)  
  7.  Add the serial numbers on to the invoice as well as reference to which machines are covered and click post 
  8. OK the invoice due and this will now print off the invoice. (print 2 copies)
  9. Post out the invoice along with the service agreement certificate detailing their agreement. 
  10. Log two visits on Mel's routes and fill in the Service agreement renewal sheet

Heatpress Diagram and Parts

Heatpress Diagram 

Heat Press PartsList

1 . . . . . . . . . .Base Assembly

2 . . . . . . . . . .Main Body Cabinet

3 . . . . . . . . . .Back Cover Panel

4 . . . . . . . . . .Handle

5 . . . . . . . . . .Arm

6 . . . . . . . . . .Heater Shroud

7 . . . . . . . . . .Heater

8 . . . . . . . . . .Platen Dock

9 . . . . . . . . . .Platen

10 . . . . . . . . .Controller

11 . . . . . . . . .Name Fascia

12 . . . . . . . . .Wire Loom

13 . . . . . . . . .Main Return Springs Set (x2)

14 . . . . . . . . .Upper Wire Guard

15 . . . . . . . . .Lower Wire Guard

16 . . . . . . . . .Lock Out Arms Set (x2)

17 . . . . . . . . .Handle Centre Bearing Pin

18 . . . . . . . . .Handle End Bearing Pin

19 . . . . . . . . .3 Hole Plates (x2

)20 . . . . . . . . .Arm Lock Out Bearing Pin

21 . . . . . . . . .Base Upper Bearing Pin

22 . . . . . . . . .Base Lower Bearing Pin

23 . . . . . . . . .Pressure Center Pin

24 . . . . . . . . .Lower Dock Plate

25 . . . . . . . . .Pressure Adjuster Knob

26 . . . . . . . . .Handle Grip

27 . . . . . . . . .Lock Out Rubber Stop

28 . . . . . . . . .Base End Caps

29 . . . . . . . . .Upper Pressure Lock Nut

30 . . . . . . . . .Lower Pressure Lock Nut

31 . . . . . . . . .Heater Head Bolt Set (x4)

32 . . . . . . . . .Platen Dock Bolt Set (x2)

33 . . . . . . . . .Q/Release Plunger

34 . . . . . . . . .Q/Release Spring

35 . . . . . . . . .Q/Release Block

36 . . . . . . . . .Lock Nut

37 . . . . . . . . .Q/Release Knob

38 . . . . . . . . .Fuse

39 . . . . . . . . .Fuse Holder

40 . . . . . . . . .Base Rubber Feet Set (x4)

Heat Press Manual



Setting up the Heatpress 

1. REMOVE ALL PACKAGING FROM MACHINE: Although the packing material was designed to protect the machine from rough handling during transit, extreme abuse or dropping may cause damage. It is strongly advised that you inspect the machine and box for signs of damage, if any damage is evident please notify your supplier immediately.

2. DO NOT THROW AWAY PACKING: The packaging will be needed for safe future transportation of the machine.

3. Machine should be placed on a suitable secure flat surface, for weight of machine please refer to the technical data sheet at the end of this booklet.

4. Raise the heater head before connection to mains supply.

5. Connect machine to a suitable 220/240v power supply. (power requirements shown on technical data sheet at the end of this booklet) 

6. Connect directly to mains power socket DO NOT connect to an extension lead without consulting a qualified electrician.

Using the Controller

The controller is very simple to use, it utilises a 3 button control system. The red button controls the temperature, the yellow button controls the timer and the green button cycles through the various menu functions. 

 Note: When viewing functions other than the time and temp screen, the red and yellow buttons will become context sensitive and the command that the button preforms will correspond to the text displayed on the screen directly above the button.

Before switching the press on, make sure that the fusing head is in the up position.

To start the machine flick the orange rocker switch on the right hand side of the machine to the on position. (switch should light up, if not, please refer to troubleshooting guide).

 The screen will briefly display the suppliers name followed by the software version number.

The next screen will display the words safe start up press any key. An audible alarm will also sound until one of the buttons are pressed. Press and hold any button for 2-3 seconds to continue.

Setting The Temperature & Timer

The next screen will automatically appear displaying the actual current temperature, the set temperature and the set time.

To change the set temperature press and hold the red button to raise the temperature. Release the button and press and hold again to lower the set temperature. The timer works in the same way as the temperature control. To change the set time press and hold the yellow button to raise the time. Release the button and press and hold again to lower the set time.

Before bringing the fusing head down, make sure that the set temperature has been reached and has stabilised (stopped flashing).

If you bring the head down before the set temp is reached you will be greeted with the above screen and an audible alarm will sound, raise the head back to open position and wait for the temperature to stabilise (stop flashing).

To use the heat press only the correct timer and temperature settings need to be set. In addition to the basic settings we have added some useful optional functions which are available by pressing the green menu button to cycle through. Each sequential press of the green menu button will change the screen display to the next function. When cycling through the other functions you can go back to the main screen at any time by pressing the button directly below the displayed exit command. Also if no input is made within 7seconds the screen will revert back to the main timer/temp screen.

Menu Functions

The counter can be turned on to keep check of the amount of fusing cycles the press has preformed since the last reset. The controller will keep count until the counter is reset even if the press is re-booted. (the count will be displayed on the main time/temp screen preceded by the letter C, when this function is set to on).

Press the button directly below the text NEXT to move to the next screen.

 Press the button directly below the text ON to turn the counter on or off.

Press the button directly below the text RESET to reset the timer to zero.

The shutdown function will automatically shutdown the heat press after the allotted time when the press is left idle. (Note: The shutdown function will cut the power to the heater only and will not switch off the display

Press the button directly below the text NEXT to move to the next screen. 

Press the button directly below the text EDIT to change the idle period between 30min, 1hr, 1hr 30min or off. 

Press the button directly below the text EXIT to return to the main timer/temp screen.

After the press has been left idle for the allotted time an audible alarm will sound and the heater will begin to cool down.

The screen will now alternate between the 2 screens pictured above. 

To start the press back up, press the two outer buttons directly below the displayed text ON. Or shutdown completely via the orange rocker switch on the side of the press.

Using the Lunch function will place the press in standby mode for the allotted time. Lunch mode will reduce the temperature of the press without fully shutting down. The press will also be ready for immediate use after the allotted time has lapsed.

To use the lunch function you will first need to set the standby time period this is achieved by pressing the button directly below the text EDIT displayed on the screen. When setting the time period the text in the right top corner of the screen will change to display the desired time period.

Press the button directly below the text NEXT to move to the next screen.

Press the button directly below the text EDIT to change the standby period between 30min, 45min, 1hr or off.

Press the button directly below the text EXIT to return to the main timer/temp screen.

Once the time has been set you can activate the lunch function at any time by going back to the main time/temp screen, pressing the menu button once and then pressing the button directly below the text yes. When the lunch function is activated the press will be placed in standby mode and the timer will begin its countdown.

Press the button directly below the text NEXT to move to the next screen.

Press the button directly below the text YES to activate the lunch standby mode.

Press the button directly below the text EXIT to return to the main timer/temp screen.

When the timer reaches zero the press will automatically come out of the standby mode at pre-set temperature, ready to resume. If you wish to resume before the timer runs out press the two outer buttons simultaneously and the press will come out of the standby mode.

Press both buttons directly below both displayed text ON to move out of lunch mode and heat back to set temperature.

The buzzer function can be used to switch the audible alarm between high and low pitch. 

Press the button directly below the text NEXT to move to the next screen.

Press the button directly below the text EDIT to change the pitch between high or low setting.

Press the button directly below the text EXIT to return to the main timer/temp screen.

The life function displays the amount of fusing cycles the press has preformed over its entire life span there are no editable functions. The display is for information only

Press the button directly below the text NEXT to move to the next screen. 

Press the button directly below the text EXIT to return to the main timer/temp screen.

The hours function displays the amount of hours the press has worked over its entire life span there are no editable functions. The display is for information only

Press the button directly below the text NEXT to move to the next screen.

 Press the button directly below the text EXIT to return to the main timer/temp screen.

Using Your Heatpress

Step 1: Set time and pressure 

1 Refer to setting temperature and time on page 3.

2 Please refer to the instructions supplied with your transfers for the correct time and temperature requirements for the application of your transfers.

Step 2: Set Pressure

1. Set the pressure control knob so the machine will lock down firmly.

2. Reduce pressure by turning knob counter clockwise and increase pressure by turning clockwise.

3. Please refer to the transfer manufacturers guide lines for pressure required pressure settings.

CAUTION: Extreme excessive pressure can cause structural damage and will void the machines warranty.

Step 3: Fuse Transfer

1. Align garment on the lower platen.

2 . Remove any creases or wrinkles by bringing the heater head down in contact with the garment for two to four seconds.

3 . Position the transfer on the garment.

4. Pull the handle down until it locks in the down position. Do not release the handle until it is locked in the down position.

5. The LCD display will now begin countdown of the time that you have preset. The audible alarm will sound when the timer reaches zero.

6. Once the timer has reached zero and the audible alarm has sounded hold the handle and pull up gently keep holding the handle until the heater head has returned fully to the open position.


Changing Quick Release Platen

The quick release knob is located at the front underside of the base platen. 

To remove the base platen, pull and lift the quick release knob.

To replace the base platen, locate the lugs on the platen in the holes at the back of the base then lower the front end of the platen whilst pulling the quick release knob until the platen clicks into position.

Replacing the Fuse


Step 1: The fuse holder is located on the right hand side of the machine next to the ON/OFF rocker switch.

Step 2: To remove the fuse insert a flat head screwdriver into the slot on the top of the fuse holder and turn anti-clockwise until the fuse holder is released.

Step 3: Push the new fuse into the fuse holder then push the fuse holder back into the socket on the machine. Use a flat head screwdriver to push and turn the fuse holder clockwise until it locks into position.

Replacing The Main Return Springs


Step 1: The return springs are located on the undersideof the base.Before turning the machine over makesure that the head is in the raised position

Step 2: Hook the closed end of the spring over the white lug on the bottom of the arm making sure that the open side of the hooked end is facing the machine.

Step 3: Insert a suitable screw driver into the hook on the other end of the spring and rest the tip of the screwdriver on the spring hanger bar.

Step 4: Raise the screwdriver upwards and the spring will slide down the shaft of the screwdriver and hook onto the hanger bar.

Heatpress Troubleshooting

Trouble Shooting Guide  

In the unlikely event that you experience problems with your heat press please refer to the table below:


1. Machine will not power on.

2. Orange rocker switch does not light up when in ON position.

3.Orange rocker switch lights up but nothing is displayed on the LCD screen

4. Heater head does not return properly to up position.

5. Excessive movement in handle and/or handle moves to one side when head is locked down.

6.Transfer not fusing to substrate.

7. Uneven print and/or surface pressure.

8. Audible alarm sounds when head is pulled down


1. Make sure that the power supply lead is properly connected to the press and a suitable mains power supply.

2. Make sure power cord is connected, check fuse and replace if necessary.(See fuse removal/replacement).

3. Make sure the machine is switched off remove the 2 screws securing the control module, gently ease module out of the cabinet and firmly press the wire loom plug into the control module to make sure it is connected properly. Replace control module and turn on power.(If problem persists please contact your supplier).

4. Check main return springs replace if necessary. (See replacing the main return springs)

5.  Check bearing pins and lockout arms for wear or damage and replace if necessary otherwise contact your supplier.

6. Check set time temperature and pressure settings against the transfer manufacturers guidelines. Adjust where necessary otherwise contact your supplier.

7. Adjust pressure setting. Also check fusing bed for wear. Wait until heater is cold, hold heater and move from side to side to check for movement in the fusing head. If excessive movement is detected or problem persists please contact your supplier.

8.Press not reached set temperature, bring head back to open position and wait until set temperature is reached.

Auto Shutdown

If you see the above screens flashing, the press has gone into auto shutdown mode. To resume use of the machine, press the two outer buttons simultaneously.  

Please read the following if you see any messages displayed on your screen which you are not familiar with

If you bring the head down before the set temp is reached you will be greeted with this screen and an audible alarm will sound, raise the head back to open position and wait for the temperature to stabilise (stop flashing).

After 12000 Cycles or 1600 hours of use a friendly reminder will appear on startup to let you know that it is advisory to have the machine serviced or check all moving parts springs, bearings, etc... for signs of wear.

If you see this warning displayed, switch off the machine via the on/off rocker switch on the side of the machine and contact your supplier.

If you see this warning displayed, switch off the machine via the on/off rocker switch on the side of the machine and contact your supplier.

If you see this warning displayed, switch off the machine via the on/off rocker switch on the side of the machine and contact your supplier.

If you see this warning displayed, switch off the machine via the on/off rocker switch on the side of the machine and contact your supplier.

If you have any other problems which are not listed please contact your supplier.

Sending out Service Agreement Renewals

Sending out a Renewal Quote

You will need to refer to the Service Agreement Renewals and New Machines sold document to see which customers are due to renew service agreements. See following procedure for sending our renewal. 

Renewal Quote 

You will need to create a renewal quote for the customer in Word. 

The renewal quote must details which service agreement the customer has and how many machines the quote is for

 (See above image for an example of what we send) 

Contacting the customer.

Once we have the quote set up, we then email this across to the customer. We send this to the last person who arranged the previous service agreement. If not available, we find another contact at the business/club. 

If the customer in question is a key account, the renewal quotes will be sent by their account contact directly. Any other renewal quotes are just issued from the [email protected] email.  

Logging Service agreement Renewals and Machine Sales

Logging Service Agreement Renewals. 

On Sharepoint, we have the Service Centre folder where you will the "Service Agreement Renewals and New Machines" document. This document is where we log all the customers who have service agreements, who has renewed and who hasn't. See below image as example to show how this appears.

Accounts that have renewed their agreements are marked in green 

Those that do not renew are marked in red. 

Any accounts that renew, are logged in next years tab for renewals so we know to contact next year regarding renewal of the agreement again. 

Machine Sales/ Loans 

We also need to make a log  of any machines that have been sold. This is so we can contact the customer in 6 months/ 1 year from date of purchase to see if they want to take an agreement out once warranty expires.

We also make a log of any machines that are sent out on loan so that we can make sure these come back to us.  See below image for reference to this. 

Logging Visits onto Mel's Routes and resulting paperwork

Logging Visits 

Once a customer renews their service agreement/ takes out an agreement, we need to log the visits. 

For platinum agreements, we need to schedule 2 visits. We usually schedule these around 6 months apart. Any additional repair visits can be scheduled in inbetween these dates if required. 

For gold service agreements, only 1 visit is pencilled. 

As Mel travels up and down the country, all visits should be as geographically as close as possible. If any concerns or last minute issues arise, just contact Mel and he will advise further.

The visits need to be logged onto Mel's Routes document found in the Service Agreement folder on Sharepoint. (See below image for reference) 


After the visit, Mel will send us back the paperwork for the visit. The office will then mark the visit as done by blocking in the date in yellow*(see above image again for reference.) 

The paperwork will be marked 1st or 2nd service or repair and then filed in the service Agreements folder under the relevant customer paperwork. 

Heat Press Loan Agreement

When loaning a heat press the customer should receive an official loan document. You can find a copy of this on the share point. 

Please see below example of what should be covered in the agreement...

David RobertsIntersport Sporting ProGillibrands RoadSkelmersdaleWest LancsWN8 9TB
29th April 2014
Re: Loan MachineryHi DavidTo assist you with the federation launches and online preprinting, Sporting iD will offer Intersport Sporting Pro the following…Loan machines: - 2 x New HF4500 heat press machinesLoan Period: - Machines will be despatched into Intersport Sporting Pro warehouse on 29th April 2014 for a twelve week period until week commencing 21st July 2014.After the twelve weeks you have two options…A: You return the machines, which should be in the same condition as shipped, to our Newcastle warehouse no later than Friday 25th July 2014. Return carriage and the cost of any repairs to damaged machinery are the responsibility of Intersport Sporting Pro.B: You can choose to keep the machines and we will invoice you for them at £900 per machine.Can you please confirm that you are happy with this agreement and sign and date the below and return a copy to me.
Best RegardsWayne FallaKey Account Manager
Sporting iDPrinted Name…………………………………………Position……………………………………………………Signed………………………………………………………Date…………………………………………………………

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