MyMicros Stock Count - Exam

This is the MyMicros Stock Count Exam. All questions and answers are based on the Stock Count Course, please ensure that you have completed the course before starting with the exam.


Select 5 actions below, that are part of the Pre-Count Procedure.

  • Complete Invoice and Transfers
  • Complete LST Scheduler
  • Restock Bar Area
  • Cash-Up Workstations
  • Insure Play Book is being followed
  • Restock Merchandise Area
  • Restock Pastry & Food Cases
  • Contact Micros Support
  • Arrange Bulk Store

When restocking the bar before counting, how much stock should be issued?

  • Enough stock to last the next hour.
  • Enough stock to fill the bar.
  • Enough stock to trade till end of day.

Which web address is the correct address to access MyMicros?


Where do you go to find your count?

  • MyMicros -> More Reports -> MyInventory
  • MyInventory -> Inventory -> Suspended
  • MyInventory -> Ordering -> Suggested Order by Vendor

Which 4 sections of the store have to be counted?

  • Toilets
  • Bulk Area
  • Staff Change Rooms
  • Promotional Display Area
  • BOH Fridges
  • Store Office
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Merchandise Stands
  • Behind Bar

What stock should be counted?

  • All stock physically in the store at end of day.
  • All the stock that you used, plus staff meals.
  • All the stock in the store, and the stock that needs to be delivered.
  • All stock in the store, and the stock that was wasted.

Which section of the count must balance actual to theoretical?

  • On each category line.
  • On the total line.

Which MyMicros report is used to investigate variences?

  • COS Report
  • Sales Mix Report
  • System Sales Balance
  • Item Activity Report

What is the latest you can book your stock count?

  • Midnight, the day it was created.
  • The following day, before you open the store?
  • The following day, before midday?
  • When your store manager arrives at the store?

If you are having issues with your stock count, who do you contact?

  • Your District Manager
  • Your OPS Representative.
  • Your Manager.
  • Micros Support.