ATFL Culture

We are defined by our culture - the way we live, the way we work and the way we lead. 

Our culture pyramid depicts our values, operating principles and leadership qualities, which add up to the "Make a Difference" pyramid. 

Our Culture

Our Culture: "Make A Difference"

Make A Difference

At ATFL, we believe that we are here to make a difference in our roles and our Values enable us to achieve that. Given below is our culture pyramid with all the values we believe in: 


There are 5 main values that we live by: 

1. Passion

Essence: Obsessive purpose to create and exceed standards of excellence. We believe in setting and achieving stretched goals and not being satisfied with what's easy to achieve. 

Output: Raise the bar of performance

2. Empowerment

Essence: : Allow people to take ownership to complete tasks. As people managers, we must ensure everyone has the necessary resources and information to complete the tasks.

Output: Speed in completing tasks

3. Trust

Essence: To be fair in all our dealings. A very important value that we demonstrate in all our transactions.

Output: Transparency and openness

4. Respect for Individual

Essence: Treat people with respect, no matter what. 

Output: High engagement and trust among people leading to high productivity

5. Innovation

Essence: Question and challenge the status quo and improve the current methods of doing work.

Output: Continuous improvement of processes, services and products

Operating Principles

We work by three main Operating Principles: 

1. Simplicity

Essence: : Doing less of what does not really matter and more of what really does – Be ROI driven.

Output: Focus and closure reached on what must be done

2. Collaboration

Essence: Giving and receiving cooperation, acting without ego, and assuming positive intent so that 1 + 1 = 3.

Output: Alignment carried through the organization.  Agree, disagree, commit.

3. Accountability

Essence: Creating a strong sense of responsibility along with clearly defined goals and roles – who, what, when, and how.

Output: Drive for results with a sense of urgency, without sacrificing quality

Leadership Qualities

We believe that all our employees are leaders in their own domains and must display these three Leadership Qualities: 

1. Courage

Essence: Showing “real” self  by voicing ones own thoughts in a productive manner.

Output: Different view points will be available when taking the right course of action

2. Authenticity

Essence: Being true to oneself while acting with responsibility and maturity.

Output: Credible and trusting leadership

3. Vulnerability

Essence: It’s having the humility to say “I am wrong” or "I don’t know" and staying engaged so that solution is found.

Output: Matured Leadership

People Development and Career Growth

Essence: Investing time and effort to help people learn, contribute and grow.

Output: Capability, in the form of a high-performance workforce

Promise of a Safe Workplace

We are fully compliant with ‘Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act’ with an Internal Complaints Committee in place, in each location. 

Ms. Kalpalatha Jambunathan is the Chairperson of the ICC. Ms. Pallavi Pareek is the external consultant on the ICC for us. Further there are local employees in each ICC at each location as follows. 

Please take a note of your ICC members and read through well the Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy, given at the time of your joining. 

ICC at Corporate Office, Gurgaon

At the Corporate office, the ICC further comprises of the following members: 

1. Mr. Lalit Vij

2. Ms. Nimisha Dua

3. Ms. Nandita Makharia Garg

ICC at Registered Office, Hyderabad

At the Registered office, the ICC further comprises of the following members: 

1. Mr. T. Savera

2. Mr. Ahmed Siddique

3. Ms. Rambha Devi

ICC at Jaghadia Factory, Gujarat

At the Jaghadia factory, the ICC further comprises of the following members: 

1. Mr. R.S. Chandrasekhar

2. Ms. Padmavathi Tuluva

3. Mr. Anil Kumar Rai

ICC at West Sales Office, Mumbai

At the Mumbai office, the ICC further comprises of the following members: 

1. Mr. Sudip Kumar Mukherjee

2. Mr. Gaurav Gupta

3. Ms. Sowmya Billava

ICC at East Sales Office, Kolkata

At the Kolkata office, the ICC further comprises of the following members: 

1. Mr. Krishnamohan Dubey

2. Mr. Suman Das

HR Buddy