Filing Made Easy Exercise 1a

FME Exercise 1a


SECTION ONE Rules 1-5 

Study each rule and the example that follows it. Complete the self-check exercise for that rule. Check your answers with the answers given in the self-check answer section,located in the Filing Made Easy book beginning on page 57. If you have made any errors in these exercises, correct them and review the rule. Be sure that you understand each rule before going to a new rule.

Rule 1 Alphabetizing Names

Rule 1 Alphabetizing Names 

After names have been indexed (rearranged), they can be placed in correct filing order by comparing them unit by unit and letter by letter as follows: 

1.Compare the first units of the names letter by letter;

2.If the first units are identical, compare the second units letter by letter; 


f the first two units are identical, compare the third units letter by letter.

Remember to index all the names before you alphabetize any of them. In the examples, the letter that determines the alphabetic order has been underlined.

Indexing Order Example


1.Theresa Malone 

2.Scott T. Matthews

3. Delaine Marie Jones 

4.Delaine Nancy Jones 

5. Harold Johnson 

Unit 1

1. Malone 




5. Johnson 

Unit 2 






Unit 3




Alphabetical Order 

  1. Johnson, Harold 
  2. Jones, Delaine Marie 
  3. Jones, Delaine Nancy
  4. Malone, Theresa 
  5. Matthews, Scott T. 

Question 1

Name: Frank Allen Holm

Unit 1Unit 2 Unit 3  

Question 2

Name: Frank Alton Holm 

Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 

Question 3

Name: Thomas L. Heihnson 

Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 

Question 4

Name: Frances Leah Holm

Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 

Question 5

Name: Thomas J. Heihnson 

Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 

Alphabetical order

Put the names in alpahbetical order by matching the names to the number of the order they're suppose to be in.
  • 1
    Heihnson, Thomas J.
  • 2
    Heihnson, Thomas L.
  • 3
    Holm, Frances Leah
  • 4
    Holm, Frank Allen
  • 5
    Holm, Frank Alton

In what Unit would Carla go in if the name is Carla Jane Adams ?

  • Unit 1
  • Unit 2
  • Unit 3

Name: Theresa Malone

  • Would Theresa go in unit 1?