Piedmont: Turning Point - Developing a More Inclusive Workplace Quiz

Congratulations! You have completed the Turning Point: Developing A More Inclusive Workplace Training, now it's time to assess what you have learned.

The following seven (7) question quiz will assess what you have learned from the training. Your quiz will be scored on a 0-100 point scale. You will have ten (10) minutes to complete the quiz. Good luck!



Turning Point: Developing A More Inclusive Workplace Exam

1. True or False: Only employees in official management roles are responsible for managing diversity and inclusion.

  • Select One:

2. The definition of diversity adopted by my organization is:

  • a. Any collective mixture characterized by more differences than similarities
  • b. A point of difference among people
  • c. Variety and multiformity
  • d. Any collective mixture characterized by differences and similarities

3. Where do biases come from?

  • a. Past experiences
  • b. TV and movies
  • c. Rumors
  • d. All of the above

4. True or False: As humans, we make judgments about others based on their appearances before we get to know them.

  • Select One:

5. True or False: When referring to two or more ethnic groups collectively, the preferred term is “people of color.”

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6. My unconscious biases towards co-workers or patients can result in

  • a. Poor performance
  • b. Low morale
  • c. Insufficient care
  • d. All of the above

7. True or False: In general, organizations that are diverse and inclusive outperform those that are not.

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