SoSAFE 2019. Stage 1. Review

SoSAFE course is designed to help keep you safe at school and in the community. It will teach you the correct and safe way to interact with people around you.

Stage 1 - Step 1.B * Public and Private Places

Public and Private Places

What is a Private Place?

A Private place is somewhere other people cannot see you or hear you doing private things.

For example – Private things may be

  •  going to the toilet, 
  • adjusting your underwear when it is uncomfortable, 
  • getting dressed or changed. 

Private places is where you can close the door, such as Bathrooms, Toilets or bedrooms.

Which is a PRIVATE place at school?

Click on the image below that shows a private place at school.

Which is a PRIVATE place at school?

Which is a PUBLIC place at school?

Match up areas around the school to public or private places

Drag the Public or Private places to the correct areas around the school.

  • The Library
  • The Hall
  • Classroom
  • Toilets next to Hall
  • Toilets next to C Block
  • Toilets next to T Block
  • Sick room at Front Office
    Public, unless instructed to close the door.
  • Canteen
  • Toilets in Art Block

Stage 1 - Step 1.C * Help and Help A Lot

What do you do if you need help at school?

I've hurt myself, but I'm too shy to tell anyone

Stage 1 - Step 1.F * OK / Not OK

OK / Not OK

"Ok means I am ALLOWED to do it, if I have consent"

"Not OK mean I am NOT allowed to do it even if I have consent"

Where on the Talk Touch Triangle is the NOT OK symbol

Click on the picture where you can see the NOT OK symbol

Where on this Talk Touch Triangle is the OK symbol

Where on the lotto file is the OK and NOT OK symbol.

There are 2 answers, click on the OK and the NOT OK symbols

Is it OK or NOT OK to take someone's iPad without their consent?

  • NOT OK
  • OK

The teacher has given you consent to go to the toilet, is it OK or NOT OK to leave the classroom?

  • OK
  • NOT OK

Is it OK or Not OK to talk while the teacher is talking?

  • OK
  • NOT OK

Stage 1 - Step 1.G * Consent



Consent means that I may ask you to do something and you will give me a "Yes" response. That means you are giving me permission.

No Consent

No Consent means that I may ask you to do something and you give ma a "No" response. That means you are not giving me permission.

Teacher would like to get your diary out of your bag.

Stage 1 - Step 1.H * Happy



I am happy when I smile, laugh or feel good inside. Happy can mean;

  • cheerful, 
  • joyful, 
  • delighted, 
  • smiling, 
  • in a good mood.

Happy Face Activity 1

Click on the picture showing a happy face.

Happy Face Activity 2

Click on the picture that shows a happy face.

What makes you happy? Write your answer here.

Stage 1 - Step 1. I * Sad / Hurt


“I am sad when I cry, am upset, hurt or in pain or I don’t feel good inside”

Sad can mean;

  •  unhappy, 
  • miserable, 
  • not in a good mood.

You are sad when you find it hard to smile or laugh. 

Sad Activity 1

I feel   when students are name calling. I feel   when I see people fighting. I feel  when I see students being nasty to each other.

Write down what can make you sad at school.

Stage 1 - Step 1. J * Scared

What is being scared?

When a person is scared they might feel;

  •  worried, 
  • afraid, 
  • frightened or alone, 

and they might not know what to do to not feel scared.

What is scary for one person may not be scary for someone else. For example... starting year 7, trying out for a new sports team, talking in front of a group.

Scared Activity 1

Below are some symptoms of being scared. Move the items to where they match the picture.

  • Open wide, worried eyes
  • screaming mouth
  • hands clutching face

Scared Activity 2

Click on the face below that shows the person is scared

What do you find scary? Write your response

Stage 1 - Step 1.K * Helping Hand

Helping Hand

  • Helping Hand means that I help someone by touching or holding them. I give them a Helping Hand.
  • Helping Hand means that someone helps me by touching or holding me. They give me a Helping Hand.

Example - If you see someone fall over in the playground you might help them up or see if they are ok. 

Example - If you see a student in PE or Technology that might not know how to do something, you might be able to give them a helping hand and show them what to do.

Helping Hand Activity 1

Click on the picture where hands are touching and "helping".

Helping Hand Activity 2

Click on the picture where hands our touching and "helping"

Helping Hand Activity 3

Click on the picture where the person is helping the child.

When could you give someone a helping hand at school? Write response below.

Stage 1 - Step 1.L * OK Helpers

Ok Helper

When you are scared, sad or need help you can ask one of your OK helpers to help you.

You might feel sad when you don’t know where your friends are in the playground, you might feel sad after a class where you did something wrong, you might feel scared meeting new people.

You can go and talk to your OK Helper at anytime for help.

Can you make the OK Symbol? Try it with both hands.

OK Helper Activity 1

Click on the picture where you can see the OK symbol

OK Helper Activity 2

Click on the OK symbol in the picture below

You have 4 OK Helpers, Who are they? Write their names below.

Stage 1 - Step 1.M * Using the Help Page

Using the Help Page

You can use the help page to describe to your OK helper what is wrong. When talking to your OK Helper you can point to the picture when asked a question. You may use this page to tell your OK Helper any of the below;

  • Hurt
  • Scared
  • Touch
  • Hit
  • Kick
  • Yell
  • Take / Steal

Using the Help Page Activity 1

  • I Need Help
  • I would like my OK Helper
  • I've been hurt
  • I've been touched and I didn't like it
  • I've been hit
  • I've been kicked
  • Someone yelled at me
  • Someone stole from me

Help Page Activity 2

If someone stole your iPad, which symbol would you point to on the Help Page

Help Page Activity 3

If some one touched you and you didn't like it, which symbol would you point to on the Help Page

Stage 1 Completed

Let's look at all you have learnt so far!

Place in order the topics you have discussed with your OK Helper.

HINT* the Alphabet letters will help you place in order. 

  • Step 1.B - Public and Private Places
  • Step 1.C - Help and Help A Lot
  • Step 1.F - Ok / NOT Ok
  • Step 1. G - Consent
  • Step 1.H - Happy
  • Step 1.I - Sad / Hurt
  • Step 1. J - Scared
  • Step 1. K - Helping Hand
  • Step 1. L - OK Helpers
  • Step 1. M - Using the Help Page

Do you have any questions or concerns about what you have learnt so far?

If no, feel free to tell us what you liked about SoSAFE so far.