Hello, students! Today our lecture is about law.

Section 1 - introduction

Criminal law

  1. The criminal legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan shall consist exclusively of this Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Other laws which cover criminal liability shall be applied only after their inclusion in this Code.    

  2. This Code is based on the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan and generally accepted principles and provisions of international law.

 1. Objectives of the Criminal Code are as follows:      protection of rights, liberties, and legitimate interests of individuals and citizens, of property, rights, and legitimate interests of organizations, of public order and safety, of the environment, constitutional order and territorial integrity of the Republic of Kazakhstan, of public and state interests protected by law from criminal infringements, protection of peace and safety of mankind, as well as crime prevention.

  2. In order to implement these objectives the Code defines reasons for imposing criminal liability and determines which actions, dangerous for individual, society or the state, shall be recognized as crimes and establishes punishments and other measures of legal retribution.

Tell the sources of Criminal law of RK?

  • Civil Code of RK
  • Criminal code of RK
  • Criminal Code of RF
  • Land law

Call two basic parts of Criminal law

  • General
  • Special
  • Basic
  • Other
  • Another

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