Criteria for Learning

Provide Efficient Learning Experience

Individuals learn in different ways, at different paces – the solution needs to address that variation.

Biogen is able to update/maintain

Utilize a tool that Biogen process owners can update as needed..

Rank your priorities

  • Engaging Learning
  • Ability for Biogen to update
  • Role Based
  • Interactive


Different Options


Create one e-learning module that includes content for all roles. Employee can choose content by role.

Interactive PDF

One tool that includes all content. Employee can choose content by role


Create mini-modules that are easy for Biogen to maintain and update. Combine mini-modules per role.

Let's test your understanding

  • Easygenerator is easy to use
  • Interactive PDF can be updated by Biogen
  • PDG is an awesome partner


Why choose PDG?

We know Biogen

PDG has worked closely with Biogen R&D and therefore, we need no ramp-up.

We are your trusted and proven partner that can help your team accelerate performance outcomes.

We know training

We have expertise and experience in business process and systems training for multiple role, cross organizational audiences in a regulatory environment.

Let's test your knowledge

  • PDG
    Great vendor
  • Biogen
    Great client


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