School of WooHoo - Chapter 3: Alpha and Processing Customer Applications - Activity 3

Welcome to Chapter 3 - Alpha and Processing Customer Applications - Activity 3

After completing this chapter, you will be able to show a good understanding of Alpha commands and the definition of Alpha tabs. You will be able to assess an application and be able to demonstrate an ability to submit a Personal Tax Summary for customers - WooHoo!

If you get an answer incorrect, it will tell you the correct answer and on occasion, a further explanation. Please do not attempt the question again, just move on to the next question.

Use your resources such as Woogle wisely and ensure you fully read the question before answering.

Good luck!

Chapter 3: Alpha and Processing Customer Applications

1. If a credit is awaiting confirmation, what status do you set it to?

  • Secure mail
  • Existing Credits
  • Make PTS

2. If the credit of $400 has been confirmed, what status do you set it to?

  • Calling to IRD with the header "R&C"
  • Secure Mail
  • PTS Sent

3. What screen do you look at for employer information?

  • Payments Tab
  • Annual Tab
  • Summary Tab

4. Fill in the blanks...

When making a PTS, you should ensure there are  in the income

5. If you can see a refund, what button do you click on?

  • Create a PTS
  • WooHoo
  • Make PTS

6. Where do you view method of payment details for a customer?

  • Payments Tab
  • Invoice Tab
  • Details Tab

7. What do you notice on this customer’s Alpha file?

  • Customers Travel Dates are missing
  • Customer has ticked Rental Property
  • Customer has Missing Monthly Income

8. True or False?

  • If we make payment and it bounces, or the cheque is not cashed, then we notify the customer and if they do not make contact after a while, we will return the refund minus our fee to IRD.
  • If you notice a returned payment, you must get them released even if they have not updated their bank account
  • When you see an existing credit you must check the notes and payments tab to see if it is a returned payment.