Employee Induction: Day 1

Introduction to Telcoinabox


Meet Dale

Evacuation procedure

Evacuation Procedure

Evacuation Question

What should you do when you hear the evacuation alarm?

  • Run in every possible direction at once waving hands above head in a panic (think Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone)
  • Gather every single possession, this could be my final few minutes on Earth
  • Gather essential travel and access items ONLY and walk calmly down the stairs towards evacuation point
  • Push everyone out of the way to ensure I am first in the lift

Sick Leave

Sick Leave Question

If I am too sick to attend work I should  my  at least  prior to my scheduled start time. 

Untitled text matching question

  • Define your key...
    Define your answer...
  • Define your key...
    Define your answer...

Holiday Leave

Leadership header

Leadership Team

Marketing Manager

Team Marketing

Sales Manager

Sales / AM Team

Finance Manager

Team Finance

Systems & Billing Manager

Team Systems & Billing

Operations & HR Manager

Team People & Culture

CSG Team Leader

Team CSG

Tech Support Team Leader

Team Technical Support