Heroin to Heroine: Steps Towards Recovery

Learn how Ashley Potts, a former opioid addict, made her steps towards recovery and the obstacles she faced along the way.

Steps Towards Recovery

A Second Chance

Steps towards Recovery

Ashley's court appointed attorney and her presiding judge gave her a second chance to get clean and turn her life around.

Needing Additional Support

Steps Towards Recovery

Ashley could've used some additional support from loved ones as she was on her road to sobriety.


Steps Towards Recovery

Ashley faced discrimination as a former opioid user which made it difficult for her to find employment.


Steps Towards Recovery

Ashley took advantage of Careerlink, a job placement network in PA that prepared her to get her GED, and eventually further her education.

Ashley's Motivation

Steps Towards Recovery

Ashley's drive to prove to herself that she could go to college, in spite of the roadblocks she faced, keeps her motivated today.

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