CPR Call Blocker

Word from our CEO,

I am growing our company in a way that reflects our values and connects our business decisions to community needs. This is why we develop our products in close relationship with the Police and the Trading Standards in the United Kingdom. Providing a simple, low cost, effective blocking solution against phone scams has always been my motivating drive. My team's goal is to provide technological solutions that improve the quality of life. We want to become the go-to company when there is a need to stop over-the-phone scams. What is our solution? Disrupt traditional ineffective Do Not Call Registers and present robust technological solutions. This commitment is very much evident in our day-to-day operations. We are listening to our customers and fast becoming a household name thanks to our success and constant media exposure in the main national channels. Our business track record forms a firm foundation to build on as we strive to continually improve our range of products. We also recognise that our success has also something to do with having the right product at the right time. Many governments have stated their aim to enable an ageing population to live in their own home for longer. This means keeping people safe from preying scam artists and pestering phone calls.


Andrew Sandbrook


CPR Call Blocker mission, vision and values

About us

The Call Prevention Registry (CPR) was started to keep people safe from nuisance calls. We encouraged customers who were unhappy with the Do Not Call register to get in touch so that we could tackle the problem on their behalf.

We contacted the offending companies and ensured that they removed the name of our customers from their list. We then provided written confirmation that the offender would not call again. By providing high quality customer support, we built trust with customers and local authorities and gained a deep understanding of the nuisance call market.

We also worked closely with the Police and Trading Standards. In 2009, they challenged us to block the nuisance calls in the first place. By working closely with Swansea University, we established links with Chinese manufacturers and developed the product which met the police requirements.

It took us 10 months to bring the product from concept to being sales-ready.

So, in 2010, the CPR Call Blocker was born out of a needed solution to block personal harassment calls. Proving a simple, low cost, effective blocking solution has always been at the forefront of its creation. The CPR Call Blocker now helps home owners and businesses in over twelve countries. We have developed our logistic accordingly and now have warehouses in Australia, China, Mexico the UK and the USA.

We are constantly looking at new ways to stop the ever growing problem of nuisance calls. As a result we:

- produce regular updates every six months to ensure that the CPR Call Blocker is always up to date with the latest scams;

- partner with banks, the police, and local authorities (those who know who the vulnerable people are) to support those most at risk.

6 years after launching the Call Blocker, we are now the go-to company to protect the vulnerable and the elderly from phone scams.

What do we stand for?

Our vision

Harness technology and enter into partnerships to keep individuals safe and productive.

Our mission

To become the go to company for call blocking technology and in turn become a household name.

Our values

  • Simple to use
  • Effective
  • Passionate customer service




CPR Team