BSN Year 7 English - Reviewing a Text

By the end of this lesson you will have practiced how to organise ideas in a sequence of paragraphs for the purposes of reviewing a book.

Main Objective: to organise ideas in a sequence of paragraphs

Organise the following according to the order in which you would use them in a review

  • What the story is called, who wrote it, its genre and the general theme.
  • Details about the setting and characters.
  • Brief outline of the topics.
  • Reviewer's opinion of the story.
  • Finish with suggestion of who the story might appeal to.

Match each section of a review with its corresponding content

  • Introduction:
    The title, author and main theme. (e. g. love, family, death, religion).
  • Paragraph 1:
    What the story is about in detail. The setting, the characters and how the author helps the reader imagine it.
  • Paragraph 2:
    Important issues or themes in the story (e. g. growing up, making friends, first time away from parents, discovering a treasure).
  • Paragraph 3:
    My opinions of the characters and my general rating of the story and reasons for it.
  • Conclusion:
    Who I would recommend this story to.

Please fill in the blanks or choose from the options to complete the review about the story we've read on pages 90-92.

This story is titled  It was written by  This story is about .

The story is set in . It illustrates the friendship between a muslim shopkeeper named  and a girl named Sybil who is from  One day, in the middle of the  something terrible happened to the characters after an . This story discusses the topic of .

In my opinion the story is  and it made me think about 

I would recommend this story to anyone interested in learning about  and how  impacts people.

Write your own review

Review your favorite book!

Using the structure you have learned, review a book of your choice. Help yourself going over the excercises we have completed in this lesson, aswell as the information on page 94 of your text book.

Try to finish it during class so that you don't have to do so as homework. I will be checking your work.