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History Resource Cupboard - Test Homework

Test homework

Which of the following statements are true?

  • The two superpowers after 1945 were UK and Soviet Union
  • Churchill, Truman and Atlee attended the Potsdam Conference
  • Churchill was always anti-Communist.
  • Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin attended the Yalta conference.
Read the statements carefully and tick one.

Identify the men in the picture

Drag onto the image below 
  • Stalin
  • Churchill
  • Roosevelt

Drag the following events into chronological order

  • Yalta Conference
  • Potsdam Conference
  • Tehran Conference
  • Formation of Great Alliance

Which monarch was not English?

Text matching - match the statements to their definitions

  • Communism
    A political system where everyone is equal.
  • Red Army
    The army of the Soviet Union, named after the colour of the Communist flag
  • Capitalism
    A political system where business are encouraged to take risks and create money.

Multiple Choice

  • Communism
  • One Party State
  • Private Industry
  • Censorship
  • Secret Police
Identify the odd one out from the following 5 words

The start of World War 2 - Fill in the blanks

Historians disagree about the causes of the World War Two (WW2). Some trace it back to the anger created in Germany by the Treaty of . Some blame Neville for being too weak. Some ascribe it to Hitler's aggression.

The war broke out when Hitler invaded on 1 September 1939. Britain declared war two days later, on 3 September.

At first there was a 'Phoney War' – Britain and France was not directly threatened – but in 1940 the Germans attacked. They quickly destroyed the Allied forces. France was defeated and the British army was evacuated from . For a while, Britain and the empire faced the Germans alone, and had to survive the Battle of Britain and the Blitz.

Are the following statements true or false?

  • Winston Churchill was born in Oxfordshire
  • Adolf Hitler was born in Germany
  • Stalin was born in Georgia

Can you identify Sir Francis Drake in this picture?

Open Question: What were the main causes of World War One?