May I Help You? Multiple Choice

In this course were gonna teach you about Commendable Customer Service, at the end of this assignment you will learn more than what you already know about great customer service. HAVE FUN.

Commendable Customer Service


Dealing With Difficult Customers and regular customers

When dealing with a difficult customer never respond in a negative attitude. Look at them as opportunities to show your capabilities. When you receive a upset or mad customer listen to them make them feel important. After they are done saying what they have to say tell them how you may help ,if there is something you can do then be glad to do so. Make sure everything you do is okay with the company policy don't promise something you cant do. If you have a customer who uses foul language let him speak do not argue back or use any foul language. You have to try to relax him and if that don't help call the manager people like that usually just wanna talk to somebody important,it makes them feel like if there actually getting attention. Some customers already have special employees who they prefer to talk to or do business with so if that's the case then you rather let that employee handle the customer but always make the employee do the work never ask the customer to make an effort to get a hold of the employee after the company knows that the customer is in need. If your busy with a customer and everybody else is to and the phone rings don't wait for somebody to answer it get excused from the customer you have and answer the phone, always remember to smile and if what the customer on the phone is going to take a while ask if you may please call back as quick as possible that you are very busy at the moment. These are some important information on how to handle upset or any type of customer.

Witch answer is true?

  • Always follow store policy
  • Always ignore store policy

Witch puzzles go together?

  • What makes a foul customer happy?
    Making a customer feel important and try to calm the customer if not able to call a manager they feel special when someone important is listening to them.
  • What makes a foul customer mad ?
    Make the customer feel like if he is not important and use foul language when talking to him .

How should you answer a phone if your busy?

Witch answer is right?

  • An upset customer calls to ask about a bill, you look into his account and there is a not that says please refer all questions to a specific employee . So you pass the call over to that employee. This is the right way.
  • An upset customer calls asking about a bill, you go on to his account and there is a note that says please refer all questions to a specific employee but you ignore it and help him it. This is the right way.

Angry customer calls saying that her package was sent and it was suppose to be sent she mad about her loosing her customers what do you do ?

  • Listen to her make her feel important, then after relax her give her good information on what you can do remember to stay on store policy rules. Try to find a way that you can help her and her customer out and end up agreeing on something that will help you all three.
  • Lie to her and tell her that you cant help you don't know how to access all the information sites and that shes can call back later.