GR023 FSO Manual: Test your knowledge

Now that you have read the FSO Manual, test your knowledge with this quick quiz.

Test your knowledge of the FSO Manual

What is the FSO Manual?

  • a summary of entitlements and responsibilities of Good Return and all volunteer Field Support Officers (FSO)
  • a reference point to assist FSOs in managing the common administration issues that will occur during the time in the program.
  • a reference point on who to contact regarding different questions/issues
Select all that apply.

Health: Select which items should be in your basic first aid kit

Preparation: Is this statement about ACFID Code of Conduct training true or false?

  • It is expected that all Good Return core staff will complete ACFID's (Australian Council for International Development) code of conduct online training

Time off:

As part of the volunteer assignment, you are able to take up to as time-off (of local public holidays) away from your assignment, on dates mutually agreed with your partner organisation and .

Work Plan Reviews:

Formal work plan reviews with your supervisor and partner organisation will take place every .

Safety & Security: Is this in country procedure true or false?

  • You should never travel to the field alone

General advice: You must report personal gifts accepted on behalf of Good Return or any offer of in-kind donation to your supervisor if it has a value greater than?

  • AUD$1000
  • AUD$10
  • AUD$100
  • AUD$10,000

Support: Which organisation can provide you with psychosocial counselling throughout your placement?

  • Prahran Mission
  • Mandala Foundation
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • InterHealth Worldwide

Professional Development: match the description to the opportunity

  • Good Return Learning Management System
    A platform for learning and online training
  • FSO Induction
    Training in Good Return's programmatic areas, monitoring & evaluation and cross-cutting themes
  • FSO Mid-Point Review
    A skill-sharing opportunity to present your work, challenges and learnings
  • FSO Debrief
    An opportunity for reflecting on your experience and achievements

Performance: What are the aims of Good Return's performance management process?

  • To promote a clear understanding of the FSO position responsibilities, performance expectations and organisational core values
  • To facilitate ongoing feedback between you and your supervisor so that potential problems can be identified and addressed at an early stage
  • To identify professional and personal development needs relevant to the objectives of your FSO position and your career ambitions
Select all that apply.

Incidents: If you experience an event or incident that causes alarm or distress (e.g. workplace harassment), what should you do?

  • Take a training course on workplace harassment.
  • Hire a lawyer.
  • Contact your supervisor to discuss the matter.
  • Keep it a secret.

Mid-Point Review: Is this statement on travel insurance true or false?

  • You will continue to be covered by Good Return's corporate travel insurance when you return to Australia for the Mid-Point Review.

Financial Reimbursements:

As per standard Good Return practice, all reimbursements require the provision of receipts. If you are unable to get a receipt for an expense, please provide a  in the description field of the .

Debrief: Complete the following phrases about the purpose of the FSO debrief

  • Reflect on
    your experience, both personal and professional
  • Share
    skills and achievements
  • Provide feedback on
    the impact of the program and how it can be improved
  • Explore ways to leverage
    the FSO experience for future professional opportunities

Communication flow: Connect the communication type with the point of contact

  • Work Plan Questions / Issues
  • Insurance Questions / Issues
  • Complaint or disputes

You're finished!

Well done, you have a great understanding of the FSO Manual!