N1: Starting to Read Music

Description: In this module, we'll start to read music for the very first time. We'll understand how sheet music represents time and pitch, and we'll play some simple melodies using basic sheet music notation.

Experience Level: This is for anyone who has just begun to play violin, and who is looking at a piece of violin sheet music for the first time.

Duration: approx. 20 minutes

Instructions: Read the materials then answer the questions.

Understand how sheet music notation represents rhythm and pitch

Time and Pitch

Define Rhythm and Pitch

–°ombine elements from the left column with the elements on the right
How high or how low the notes sound
The duration of the notes

How Rhythm is represented on sheet music

How Pitch is represented on sheet music

Learn how to write the pitch of a note using music notation

The Stave

Test Your Knowledge

Learn how to write a rhythm using music notation

Quarter Notes

Test Your Knowledge

Test Your Knowledge

Play a short piece from sheet music for the first time

Traffic Lights with String Names

Traffic Lights without String Names