Fearless Transparency Prep

"If a GPS waited until you got to the destination to tell you that you took the wrong turn, you would never get where you wanted to go." -Rob Ollander-Krane, Director of Talent and Performance at The Gap

Fearless Transparency, or The Art of Giving Feedback, is a critical skill to be a great manager. During the upcoming training we will give you tools to help you provide feedback that is frequent, empathetic, advantageous, provides results, helps you listen, is educational, strategic and in the correct space. 

In preparation for the Fearless Transparency training, please complete the following activities. Happy Learning!

Intro to Empathy

Press play to watch the video below before moving on to the following questions.

What happened to Sheldon in this video, when he started being empathetic?

What is the importance of being empathetic when providing feedback?

Intro to Active Listening

Press play to watch the video before moving on to the following questions.

Ray kept referring to "active listening". What is active listening?

How is active listening different, than just listening? What was the result of active listening in this video clip?