TimeTarget Kiosk - Building your Timesheet

This course will show you how to

  1. Vein scan into the Kiosk
  2. Clock on and Clock off
  3. Get paid on pay day

Using the Kiosk

Kiosk Locations

When you arrive for your shift go straight to the kiosk closest to your shift location

The kiosks are located at:

  • FT Stage Door - next to security office
  • FT Stage Door - next to kiosk above
  • Plant Room - FT backstage corridor
  • West Wing Stairs - next to Marketing store room
  • Drama Centre Stage Door - landing area
  • Catering Loading Dock - currently offline until FT re-opens
  • Dry Creek Workshop
  • HMT Stage Door
  • HMT Front of House - top of the stairs to lead to the FOH office

Note down the kiosk(s) you will likely use below:

Vein Scanning

The top of your finger should sit at the top of the vein scanner cradle, not touching the glass in the middle of the cradle.

Click on the correct position in the picture and then click Submit

Vein Scan Fail

If you can't login with your vein scan you should:

  • Contact your Supervisor immediately, and then proceed to start your shift
  • Go home immediately

Using the Kiosk

The AFCT won't be clocking in and out of breaks. Instead we roster you to have the correct break and you only need to tell the system if something different occurs.

Upon clocking off the system will ask you to confirm if you had a break.

Filling this out correctly is important because it will effect the number of hours you are paid for.

Update the Start, End and Length fields accordingly.

Then click Ok

You can add Comments to your timesheet when you clock out.

Vein scan into the kiosk, before you click End Work, click Add Shift Comment

Tap twice in the white space and the keyboard will pop up

Enter your comment and then click ok

Click ok again on the comment window and then click End Work

Unrostered shifts

At times your Supervisor may call you to ask if you can work an extra shift. This usually occurs when another staff calls in sick for their shift. In this case you won't appear on the Roster but you can still Vein Scan in.

In this case the Kiosk will ask you which Department and Role you are working in.

Select a Department (this list will only show what is applicable to you)

Select a Role (this list will only show what is applicable to you)

Then click Ok.

Upon clocking out your Timesheet will be workflowed to your Supervisor to Authorise.

Working externally

If your shift starts or ends offsite you can use the mobile clocking feature on your phone.

If you have access to a kiosk you are required to use the kiosk.

It's important to note that your GPS coordinates are stamped when you use this method.

Expand the +Map section to see which coordinates will be stamped.

How do I get paid?

Your timesheet gets Authorised

At the end of the fortnight your Supervisor has to check and authorise your digital timesheet

The timesheet data is sent to Payroll

At the end of the fortnight everyone's timesheets will be downloaded from TimeTarget and uploaded into the Payroll System.

Your pay will reach your bank account as per usual.

Payroll will upload your Pay Slip into TimeTarget

So much time is saved by using digital timesheets

Your time

You don't need to write out a timesheet

You don't need to photocopy your timesheet for your records

You can't lose your timesheet

Your Supervisor's time

No one has to deliver the timesheets. If you clock off at Her Maj, your timesheet can be accessed from the Festival Centre.

Finance's time

Payroll won't have to calculate your pay from your timesheet

Your timesheet won't be re-keyed into the Payroll system

Your hours won't need to be keyed into the Finance sytem