Essentials of Home Automation

Welcome to the Essentials of Home Automation Certification! We are excited you have chosen this platform to begin preparing for an exciting career in home automation.

Introduction to Essentials of Home Automation

Introduction to Home Automation

Home. Think about what that word means to you for a moment. What words come to mind when think of 'home?'

Comfort, safety, family, fun, relaxation and recreation; these might be a few words that come to mind. 



We live in a world where technology and innovation provide opportunities to enhance our experiences at home. Whether it’s music, movies, lighting, or security, technology advancements enhance the experience.


Individuals and families seek constantly for ways to improve their home. The moments they spend there are prized and valuable, and investments they make in their home are investments they make in themselves.




Home automation is a rapidly growing field that provides professionals like you an opportunity to increase the enjoyment of what everyone loves about home. 


Bringing customers favorite home amenities into an integrated, customized system is not only exciting, challenging, lucrative, and rewarding- it’s fun.




Click on the icons below to hear members of your future occupation explain why they love what they do.

Enjoying your occupation, and providing enhanced experiences for those you will work with, will instill you with a pride and satisfaction, as well as comfortable living. 


The purpose of the Essentials of Home Automation certification is to assist you as you become proficient in the basic skills needed to become a successful and accomplished home automation integrator.

Introduction to the Essentials of Home Automation Certification

Let's take a moment to review.

What is that home automation integrators do?

Home automation professionals design that integrate and other devices into customized solutions that make living at home more enjoyable.

Why have you chosen home automation as a possible future career?

Which of these are motivating YOU to become a home automation integrator?

  • A comfortable living
  • Bringing joy and satisfaction to customers
  • Working with the very latest in technology and innovation
  • Finding solutions to problems individuals and families face daily

Creating a Home Automation Lifestyle

Four Areas of Home Automation

What are the four areas of Home Automation?They are Lighting, Comfort and Convenience.....

Which is NOT one of the four areas of home automation?

  • Nice cold drinks
  • Lighting
  • Comfort and Convenience
  • Safety and Security

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Choosing a Career Path in Home Automation

Have you ever thought of what you would like to do?

Understanding Power: The Foundation of an Automation System

Basics of Electricity will be taught here....

Exploring Lighting Solutions

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Establishing Effective Networks

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Selecting and Installing Audio Components

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Selecting and Installing Video Components

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Selecting and Installing Home Solution Devices

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Understanding the Controller: The Brains of Home Automation

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Planning and Designing a Home Automation System

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Making Proper Physical Connections

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Performing Automation Programming: An Introduction

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