Face to Face Virtual Training Follow-Up

Congratulations, you've completed the Face to Face virtual training. In order to officially pass this training module, you must pass this quiz with 75% of higher. Good luck and you are free to use your notes!

Face to Face Quiz: Master your knowledge of our new performance feedback program, Face to Face. After completing the virtual training, you must pass the following exam with 75% or higher.

What is the name of our new performance feedback process?

  • Face to Face
  • Performance Review
  • Annual Review
  • Casual Check-In

Arrange the below steps of the process in the correct order (1st step on top)

  • Establish
  • Assess
  • Develop
  • Reflect

Test your knowledge! Fill in the blanks below.

Face to Face process happens  

 are the helpful tools to help guide the discussion during each step of the process. Best practice is for the manager to pick 1-2 and the team member to pick 1 before each meeting.

What are S.M.A.R.T. Goals?

  • Who, What, When, Where, Why
  • You will know when the goal is achieved
  • A stretch, but feasible
  • Tied to the overall goals of the organization
  • A specific due date is in place
    Time Bound

List some advantages of Face to Face: