System Design and Ground Source

Welcome to the System Design module.

We've already looked briefly at what sort of buildings are good prospects for a heat pump project, and what aren't. Now we'll go into a bit more detail.

Next, we'll examine heat losses, how to calculate them, and why they are important for the rest of your project.

You will also take a look at the different types of heating systems and heat emitters, how to ensure they are the right size, and why this is so important!

We'll go over hydraulic design, domestic hot water, and using buffer tanks.

Understanding heat losses

How to size a heat pump

How do you calculate heat losses?

Why system design is so important

types of emitter

sizing emitters

What difference does it all make?

MCS, System Performance, and Seasonal COPs.

System efficiency

Why Air Source has it easy

Buffer tanks and their importance

What's a buffer tank for?

Where should it go?

Hot water production and cylinder choice

Cylinder coil size is important

Selecting the right size of cylinder

What about solar?

What is a secondary return?

Additional heat sources and bivalent systems

What does bivalent mean?

Can I use a thermal store?