The Jobs Within Our Team

This course will enable you to become more aware with the types of jobs within The Cosplay Smilers, their responsibilities and a little more about who they are!

Our Job Roles - Entertainers

Our Entertainers

Our Entertainers are Essential

Without our entertainers our group wouldn't have much going for it. Their job is literally our groups title after all!

Their job is simple- to entertain.
When the events are on their job is to master their characters and become them, entertaining the masses and making them believe that those characters have come to life in front of their own eyes!

Your costumes obviously need to be as close as you can get them to the character you are portraying- this allows for them to be easily recognised and must be quality checked by your team leader before the start of an event. 

Word Match US!

Entertainers are very important in our group

Entertainers are members of our group that help to get the activities going. With help from their helpers they can really make magical moments.
Help us match up the right sentences!

  • An entertainers star to remember has __ amount of points to remember
  • An entertainer will have helpers to help but their main job is to
  • When at an event an entertainer can break character
    ONLY at the end of an event
  • Our entertainers wear
    Their own costumes
  • Who checks over the costumes
    Team Leaders
  • What sort of outfits can they wear
    child appropriate

Our Job Roles- Helpers

Our Helping Hands

We show our helpers hands on our logo as appreciation to them.

The Helping Hands Of Our Group

Without our helping hands our group wouldn't get very far and we wouldn't have half of the praise that we receive. It is the main responsibility of a helper that our events go to plan without too much going off schedule.The helpers of the group are the ones in the uniforms that will be on hand if there are any questions or queries that those from the public have. If a member of the public wants to know who we are and more about us then it is the responsibility of the helper to make them aware and hopefully supporters. 

There are many responsibilities that our helpers have and they are truly important and valued members of our teams. In each team that has been set you will find at least 2 helpers. The ratio should work to be approximately 1 helper for 2 entertainers. The more we grow the more the ratio will get smaller to be 1 on 1!

Click on the hands below to see some roles of the helpers

Our helpers can be found wearing our blue uniforms!

During our main events our helpers will be the ones wearing the blue uniforms. During training days, casual meetups and regular activities they will be in their own clothes with painted hands onto badges or other uniform accessories. These will be issued out to you by your team leaders. 

The Roles of a Helper

Guess the correct phrasings

Below are some statements missing the rest of their sentences. Help us to fill them in.

  • The job title is Helping
  • The current ratio (2018) consists of 1 helper to
    2 entertainers
  • In each team there are at least
    2 helpers
  • Helpers are responsible for
    advertising, safety control, and public participation

How to Give a Helping Hand!

Scenario 1

Solve the scenario giving the correct answers. Select the correct one to progress there are 5 total.

Our Job Roles - Team Leader

Taking Care of The Team

In every team...

In every team there are entertainers, helpers and a team leader. This person is responsible for making sure both the Entertainers and Helpers are doing their jobs. If anything happens regarding the group, good or bad it goes straight to the team leader. There main job is to make sure everyone knows what they are doing, where when and why. If there are any issues they will then deal with them- or pass onto higher if they are stuck. I.E Management.

Job 1 -Costumes

To make sure they are;

Child friendly
Age appropriate
Not transparent or tight
Not too short
No sharp edges
No Real Weapons

Job 2- Bullying, Support & Harassment

The definition or bullying and harassment;

"Aggressive, pressurizing or intimidating behaviour."
"Using intimidation, strength, influence, to force a behaviour."


All cases of bullying or harassment are to be sent to management immediately.

Job 3- Team happiness and engagement

The team leader is responsible for making sure their team is happy at all times, and engaging with the rest of their team and group. They must ask their helper to help see what could make everyone happy and what they could do to improve their happiness rating. 

Job 4 - Team Awareness

A team leader must make sure that all of their team mates are aware of any changes, tasks or events coming up and that they have cooperated with any instructions that have been given to them. 

How many jobs does a team leader have?

  • 4
  • 5
  • 3

Team leaders should not handle bullying cases on their own, instead who should they report to?

  • The management team
  • The Helpers
  • The Entertainers

You have new members appointed to your group, what should you do?

  • Welcome them, and get to know them. Making sure they know who you are and how you're there for them.
  • Welcome them, and only engage with them at events or meet-ups - remembering to stay professional.
  • Ignore them, they should make the effort to know you first.