New Hire Orientation - Company Policy (6)

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Leave & Attendance

Work Hours & Late Coming

This applies to everyone at Info Edge who have a Six-day working week.

  • The total working hour is 8.5 and the shift timing is as shared with you at the time of joining.
  • You have the flexibility to reach office up to 10 minutes from punch in-time of your shift. 
  • If you punch in post 10 minutes of the shift start time, it would be considered as late, in case you have punched in 1 hour or more later than your shift start time, then it would be considered as first-half absent
  • You should clock in a minimum of 4 hours for you to be marked half day present and 6.5 hours for an early leaving. 
  • It is mandatory to mark in and out attendance regularly through the respective modes of attendance
  • Prior permission should be taken from your manager for leaving early or on a half day.
  • Upon being late on more than three different occasions in one month, a half day leave will be deducted. Followed by a half day leave for all subsequent blocks of three late arrivals.


If your Shift timing is 9.30 AM to 6.00 PM

You are permitted to report to office by 9.40 AM 

 If your in-time is between 9.41 AM to 10.30 AM, it will be considered as late. 

In case your in-time is beyond 10.31 AM then you will be marked absent for the first half of the day.

In order to take first half off you should report to work latest by 1:30 PM. and to take the second half off, leave office any time after 2:00 PM.

Reaching office by 9.30 AM and leaving anytime between 4.00 PM to 5.59 PM will be considered as early leaving

Note: Serious action would be taken if an associate is habitually late.

If your shift start time is 9:30 AM, what is the latest you should punch in your attendance by, to ensure you are not marked as late?

  • 9:20
  • 9:30
  • 9:40
  • 9:50

If I punch in only once, either morning or evening, what will my attendance for the day be marked as:

  • First Half Absent
  • Second Half Absent
  • Full day present
  • Full day absent

I forgot to punch out while leaving office. Chose a possible outcome of this situation

Quick note: 

What is attendance regularization (AR)?

In case the punch in and out time captured is not correct as per your actual in and out time in the office you have an option to get the attendance corrected by regularizing the same. Regularizations should be mandatorily discussed with and approved by your manager.

  • I will have to speak to my manager about it
  • I will have to speak to the HR team about it
  • I can get my attendance regularized on I-Connect
  • It will not make a difference to my attendance

I have a meeting to attend and the venue is quite far from work. By the time I leave the meeting my shift would have ended. My manager has asked me to go home directly after finishing the meeting. Select one of the below options

  • Since my manager has approved it I don't need to punch out
  • I can punch out the next day
  • I will have to punch out when I leave for the meeting and regularize that day's attendance
  • I should not punch in or out that day

The Leave Policy

  • Leaves will be worked out on the basis of the calendar year (Jan- Dec).
  • You are eligible for 34 leaves in a calendar year.
  • Leave balance is credited on a monthly basis. 34/12 = 2.83 days of leave shall be credited on the last date of each month or on pro-rata basis, depending on the number of days worked.
  • If you are on approved leave, any Saturday, Sunday or any holiday falling in between shall be considered as part of leave 
  • If you are on Leave without Pay (LWP), leave balance shall not be credited for this duration
  • A minimum of 10 days leave out of the 34 days allowed, has to be compulsorily utilized in a calendar year. If not availed, these 10 days mandatory leave will lapse (e.g. If only eight days leave has been utilized then the balance two days shall be treated as leave lapse)
  • At the end of the calendar year, 10 leaves shall be compulsorily accumulated and carried forward into the next calendar year.
  • Any leave balance left shall be encashed and paid along with the January salary.
  • All Leave Encashment is calculated on the basic salary and any deduction in case of LWP/LOP is done on gross salary.

When do my leaves get credited to my account?

  • On the last day of every month
  • On the first day of every month
  • Once every quarter

If I have joined on 1st May of a calendar year, what will be my leave eligibility for the year?

Leave balance is calculated on pro-rata basis. If you have joined on 1st May, Total Leave credit for that year will be 8*2.83 =22.64 days

  • 6 Months * 2.83 = 16.98 Days
  • 8 months * 2.83 = 22.64 Days
  • 12 months * 2.83 = 33.96 Days
  • 3 Months * 2.83 = 8.49 Days

Additional Leave Policy

Birthday or Wedding leave

You can take a day off on either your Birthday or your Wedding Anniversary. This Special Leave can only be availed on the date of Birthday or Wedding Anniversary that you have declared in the official company records. Leave on some other date will not be provided in case birthday of anniversary of an associate is on a week off or holiday in a particular year.

Future leave credit

There is a provision to avail advance leave of up-to a maximum of 5 days without being on “Loss of Pay”. Leave balance, in this case, will show as negative and when the next leave credit happens, this negative balance will be adjusted against it.

** Future credit should be availed only in case of an exigency.

In addition to the leave balance, you are eligible for holidays as per the state wise holiday calendar of the year.

Navigation to view the holiday calendar: I-Connect-->policies and documents-->guidelines-->holiday calendar-->download excel

"This year my birthday is on a Sunday which happens to be my week-off. I can take a leave on the following Monday and apply for a birthday leave on I-Connect." Select if this statement is true or false.

  • True
  • False

I have taken an emergency leave for 7 days but my leave balance is only 3 days. I applied for leave using future credit. What will be my leave balance after my leave is approved?

  • 0
  • -4
  • 3
  • -5

Choose if the below statements are true or false

  • I can take a special leave on both my birthday and my marriage anniversary
  • My date of birth on the company records is 21st June however, my birthday is actually on 30th June. I can avail a birthday leave on both days

Maternity & Paternity leave

Leave application process

You should have your leaves applied and approved on the HR portal, I-Connect. 

Leave applications need to be approved as per the following guidelines:

  • Leaves up to 4 days must be approved by your Reporting Manager
  • Leaves for more than 4 days must be approved by your Functional Reporting Manager i.e. the Skip Level Manager

As new joinees, you are allowed to avail leave during your probation period provided your reporting manager approves the leave. 

Prior approval is essential. If however, due to unavoidable circumstances like sudden ill health, prior approval has not been obtained, it will be essential for you to inform your manager of your inability to attend office within the first half of the day of absence. 

At the time of leaving the organization, unutilized leaves will be encashed (on the basic salary) in the Full & Final Settlement.

Leave management process on I-Connect

Attendance & Salary cycle

  • Your previous month's attendance is considered for your current month's salary
  • The payroll cutoff date is the 15th every month
  • All pending leaves and ARs of the previous month should be applied and approved on I-Connect before the cutoff date
  • After the cut off date, all dates reflecting as “Absent” will be treated as LOP (Loss of Pay)
  • Your salary gets credited on the second last day of every month.
  • If you have joined post 18th of the month then your salary will be credited in the following month
  • Your salary gets credited to the Bank account number updated on I-Connect or you receive a DD in case the bank account number is not updated.

Let’s take an example of three months January, February and March. 

Your attendance record for January will impact your salary for February. If you have taken a leave on 12thJan, then this leave should be applied and approved on the HR portal (I-Connect) by 15th of next month i.e February. In case this is not done as per timeline, then the system will read 12th January as Absent and 1 day’s salary will be deducted from your salary for February.

The next payroll is for the month of March. To ensure zero deductions in March salary all leave and*attendance regularizations (ARs) for February should be applied and approved on the HRIS portal by 15th of March. In order to receive the reversal of 12th Jan, the leave application for this date should also be closed by 15th March.

If missed then 16th March onwards your access to January’s attendance will be closed and no further reversals will be possible.

*In case of mispunches or On-duty (OD), attendance for a particular date can be corrected on the HR portal through regularization.

There was 1 day of salary deduction in my Feb salary, since my leave for 30th Jan was applied and approved on the HR portal on 20th Feb which is after the cutoff date i.e 15th Feb . When will I get reversal of this 1 day.

  • Salary in January
  • Salary in March
  • Salary in February
  • I won't get paid for this day

Q & A

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Employee benefits

Group Medical Insurance

Basic policy details:

  • Self-coverage is available for work level 1 to 4B
  • For Work Level 5 & above: Coverage for Self + 3 family members
    • Definition of family: 
      • Married: An associate can choose to cover self + 3 family members ( i.e. from spouse, children, mother & father or mother-in-law & father-in-law). Only one set of parents can be enrolled.
      • Unmarried: Only Parents

Group Medical Insurance - Important Highlights

  • Work Level MT, 5 & above should enroll their dependents at the time of joining. You will receive an email with the details on how to enroll. Please do not ignore this mail
  • Nominations cannot be changed in the middle of the year. Only in case of marriage, spouse and in case of childbirth, the newborn can be enrolled in the middle of a financial year provided communication is sent to the HR team on time
  • Inform the concerned team 7 days prior for normal hospitalization and within 24 hours for emergency
  • 24 hours of hospitalization is mandatory in order to claim the insurance 
  • There is a 15% co-payment in case of any claims for dependent’s parents

Cashless Facility & Reimbursement facility

Cashless Facility:

  • If you avail treatment in Hospitals which are tied up with the Insurance Company, there is no need to pay the bills and seek reimbursement.
  • You can approach the TPA desk at the hospital. They will verify the coverage and issue the authority letter to the network hospital.
  • TPA will arrange payment to the hospital and there is no need for you to make any payment unless the bill amount exceeds the sum insured.

Reimbursement facility (hospitalization in a non-network hospital) 

  • If you avail treatment in a hospital which is NOT tied up with the Insurance Company, then you will have to pay the bills and seek reimbursement.
  • You may get admitted as per the rules of the Hospital and make payments for the treatment taken and then submit all the documents in original, within 30 days of discharge, for reimbursement.

Flexi Benefits

The Flexi Policy provides flexible options within the medical insurance, enabling you to choose a need-based coverage and cover more dependents.

  • On choosing the above options, the premium will be deducted from your salary as one-time payroll deduction and this is non-refundable.
  • This coverage will be for the entire Financial Year
  • This flexibility is offered under the corporate plan; hence upon separation, the benefit will expire.

Point of contact for Group Medical Insurance

Mediclaim SPOC:

Deepti Kumari– 9711993474 (Human Resources)

Deepak Ojha – 09311986322 (Vipul Medcorp – TPA)

Choose if these statements are true or false

  • My last working day in the company is 3rd January, I am hospitalized on 4th January. I will be able to avail the benefits of the group medical Insurance.
  • I have opted to pay extra for the flexi benefits plan. I will get a tax benefit for the extra premium paid.
  • I can choose if I want to enroll for the medical insurance from InfoEdge.

What is the mandatory hospitalization time required for me to claim benefits of the medical insurance?

  • No hospitalization required
  • 48 Hours
  • 24 Hours
  • 1 month

Match the below members of your possible family to the corresponding nominee status

  • Mother
    Eligible Nominee
  • Father
    Eligible Nominee
  • Brother
    Non-Eligible Nominee
  • Sister in Law
    Non-Eligible Nominee
  • Mother In Law
    Eligible Nominee
  • Son
    Eligible Nominee
  • Grandmother
    Non-Eligible Nominee

From the below options chose who all you can enroll on your medical insurance in the middle of the financial year

  • My Mother
  • My Father
  • My Spouse (In the event of my marriage)
  • My Mother in Law
  • My child (In the event of child birth)
  • My brother

Q & A

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The Compensation structure

How much of your salary is taxable?

The components highlighted in pink are taxable, the ones highlighted in blue are "non-taxable", the ones highlighted in yellow ones are "non-taxable on submission of documents" and the ones highlighted in grey are "only part of your CTC" which means you won't get these in your monthly salary.

Tax calculations - Highlights

Taxable components: These components by default fall under the tax bracket

Non-Taxable components: These components by default don’t fall under the tax bracket

Non-Taxable on submission of receipt:

HRA (House Rent Allowance): If you are staying on rent, you can show proofs (Rent Receipts) and claim tax exemption for this component.

At the time of joining (for new joiners) and at the beginning of every Financial Year (for existing employees), an auto mailer is sent by the finance team, asking you for a declaration. This window remains active between the 1st -15th of every month, during this period you can log in and make changes to the declaration if required.

In case you choose not to declare, then tax will be adjusted on a monthly basis.

In case you have given a declaration then tax will be calculated at the end of the financial year, basis the documents submitted (will be specified by the payroll team).

Example: If your HRA as per your salary break up is Rs.48,000/year and you declare an investment of Rs.36,000/year, once you submit the required documents as per the guidelines at the end of the financial year, out of the Rs.48,000, tax will be exempted on Rs.36000 and tax will be deducted on the remaining Rs.12,000 and the total amount will be credited with you March salary.

LTA (Leave travel allowance): After your first salary is credited, you will receive a mail from the finance team giving you an option to choose to receive LTA with your in-hand salary every month or claim tax exemption at end of the financial year.

In case you choose to take it in-hand with your monthly salary, the amount will be credited with your salary, post tax deduction.

In case you want to claim tax exemption then you can submit the original train ticket/air ticket along with the claim form at the end of the financial year (for domestic travel only). The amount after tax calculation will get credited with your March salary. LTA Exemption is available only for 2 journeys performed in a block of 4 Calendar years. You can claim LTA reimbursement without any cap on the number of leave days' and regardless of Saturdays / Sundays / Holidays.


All the above-mentioned process has to be managed through the payroll portal “smart pay”

Within 3-4 days of onboarding, you will receive a mail from the finance team guiding you on “how to access the portal”

What is the name of the portal for all your salary related concerns

  • I-Connect
  • I-Learn
  • Smart Pay
  • Infoedge website

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Performance Appraisal at a glance

Appraisal Process Overview


Our Rating Scale

Q & A

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Other Benefits- Claims

Conveyance Reimbursement Policy

  • You are expected to use your own mode of transport as the preferred mode of conveyance while going for client & other meetings.
  • All reimbursement will be done on actuals (Taxi / Auto / Personal vehicle etc.)
  • To initiate the claim process, “conveyance expense claim form” should be duly filled and approved by your reporting manager (Reporting manager should not be less than work level 8A. If your manager is less than work level 8A, then the form has to be signed by your skip level manager) before submitting it to the finance team to process payment. 
  • If you are going on a call directly from home, the distance reimbursed will be - the distance between your home and the client’s meeting location OR office and client’s meeting location, whichever is shorter.
  • If you are returning home after making a field call at the end of the day, without returning to office, the distance back to office OR your residence whichever is shorter, will be reimbursed.
  • Conveyance should be claimed on a monthly basis.
  • Approval of the Business Head will be required for reimbursements of bills more than a month old.
  • Any deviation to cover exceptional cases should be approved by the CHRO/CFO.

Conveyance expense claim form

To download “conveyance expense claim form”:  log in to your I-Connect account-->Go to policies and documents module-->Click on section 2.1.1 under forms

Conveyance Limits for offices in India

Mobile Bill Reimbursement Policy

  • The reimbursement limit for mobile bills is up to Rs 600+ taxes at all work levels across India.
  • International calls for an official purpose will be reimbursed on actuals.
  • Reimbursement against cash cards is not permitted.
  • No reimbursements will be permitted for Late Fee, Value Added Services or other extra services unless approved specifically by Business Head.
  • The mobile bill should be in your name. Third-party connections will not be reimbursed.
  • Mobile bills should be claimed within two months from the date of billing. Claims for the period older than two months should be approved by the Business Head.
  • For claiming reimbursements, “cell phone expense claim form” should be duly filled and approved by the reporting manager (Reporting manager should not be less than work level 8A. If your manager is less than work level 8A, then the form has to be signed by your skip level manager) before submitting it to the finance team to process payment.
  • Any deviation to cover exceptional cases should be approved by the CHRO/CFO.

Mobile bill expense claim form: 

To download “cell phone expense claim form”: log in to your I-Connect account-->Go to policies and documents module-->Click on section under forms

My mobile bill last month was Rs. 700. The official calls made added up to Rs. 550, Rs. 50 for official text messages sent, Rs. 100 for late payment fees. How much reimbursement am I entitled to?

  • Rs. 900
  • Rs. 700+taxes
  • Rs. 600+taxes
  • I won't be reimbursed

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Additional information

Refer your friends & earn!

We're looking for more brilliant minds like you

Whenever you help us hire someone you know, you get rewarded. Here is how the payout happens:

  • Once the new joinee completes 90 days in the company
  • Both you and the friend you referred should be active in the company 90 days after they joined

Refer your friends & earn! - Referral Amount

Policy on Prevention Of Sexual Harassment

Policy on Prevention Of Sexual Harassment

  • Infoedge is committed to providing a work environment that ensures every associate is treated with dignity and respect. We promote a work environment that is conducive to the professional growth and equal opportunity.
  • Info edge prohibits any form of Sexual Harassment, in the way associates behave with each other. This applies equally to relations between superior and subordinates as well as between peers.
  • Any incident of Sexual Harassment shall be viewed extremely seriously. A complaint or report of Sexual Harassment shall be immediately investigated and appropriate action shall be taken against the offending employee or employees.
  • An appropriate complaint mechanism in the form of “Internal Committee has been created in the Company for time-bound redressal of the complaint.
  • You can raise a concern by writing an email to our Internal committee at [email protected]

Q & A

If you have any questions about everything we have discussed so far, please ask. Our team will get back to you with the answers. 

For more information on the company policies follow these instructions

To refer to the detailed policy, refer to our policy document on I-Connect-->policies and documents-->policies--> Infoedge policy document 

All the best!!