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With the Global War on Terrorism and the operations tempo of todays military, personnel are always on the move.  Training in the military is endless; it does not matter where you are or what you do, there is always someone doing some type of training.  It's not just proficiency training that's vital, but professional development as well.  Technological advances such as the development of mobile learning a.k.a. "m-Learning", play a significant role in military learning strategies.  Also, the variety of m-Learning tools such as apps that are available for these programs will only continue to grow because the amount of courses in this type of format are still blooming! Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:



Lesson 1a "M-Learning and the Military"

"M-Learning and the Military"

Portable electronics have come a long way and they will continue to evolve.  These devices can be utilized as educational tools for mobile learning.  Think about how this can apply to you as a military member, especially now with the recent emphasis and changes on PME (Professional Military Education.)

1a Readings

m-Learning Articles

Although these articles are optional for use during the learning activity, I highly encourage you all to read the materials.

What am I?

Am I m-Learning?

.....if I am taking an online course that I can access with my phone?

Am I m-Learning?

....if I am taking a "traditional" face-to-face class?

Am I m-Learning?

.....if I am taking a classified course?

M-Learning Activity 1a




Mobile learning (m-Learning) is an up and coming educational format that utilizes mobile devices to deliver content accessible anytime, anywhere.  Mobile devices can include: cell phones, tablets, MP3 players and notebook. 


Why not keep up with technology?  Having knowledge of technology enriched education & training is valuable information especially when the military is constantly training.   More and more military formal and informal courses are transitioning to these types of courses; as a result, military educators might decide to incorporate this into their curriculum.



1.  Conduct a research to find at least 2 articles or books on m-Learning OR you may utilize the articles provided.

**If you are opting to find your own sources, please ensure they are credible.

2.  Identify at least 3 reasons how m-Learning can be beneficial to a military setting.

3. To share your insight with your peers, post your response to the following questions in the course's padlet (BTW, you are allowed to download this app to your personal phone to use during the course if you wish.)

Lesson 1b "Tools for the Trade"

"Tools of the Trade"

Thanks to technology, there are a plethora of tools that are available for use with m-Learning courses.  These tools will only continue to evolve!

1b Research Links

Research links:

Please review the following links, they will be required for your next learning activity.

Let's talk....

Am I an m-Learning tool?


Am I an m-Learning tool?


Am I an m-Learning tool?

....if I am an app that can't be downloaded to my cell phone?

M-Learning Activity 1b


Training tools for m-Learning courses are apps!


Military m-Learning courses require the use of specialized apps.  Not all are "classified-compatible." Educators must ensure that any DoD classified information are not compromised.

*Research and select at least at least 3 training tools beneficial to a military m-Learning course.


1.  Visit the following links provided.

2.  Research and identify at least 3 training tools beneficial to a military m-Learning course.

3.  Provide a response to the following information:

     a.  Name of the tools selected (1 of the 3 tools must be an LMS)

     b.  Identify the type of tools you selected (A minimum of 2) 

     c.  Explain why you selected these tools.

**Note:  All tools selected must be compatible with more than 1 system.

4.  Share your insights with your peers by posting your responses to the Padlet tool.

"Evaluation Time!"


m-Learning Basics


Benefits to a military setting?



m-Learning Training Tools


Benefits for a military m-Learning course.



Summative Evaluation


Utilizing the student responses in Padlet, and a mobile device, work collaboratively to create an m-Learning course "shell".  In order to successfully pass this evaluation, the m-Learning course must consist of the following items below listed on your performance checklist.  You will be allowed no more than 2 instructor assists.

1.  Topic/Title of choice

2.  LMS or presentation tool selected from the student responses in Padlet

3.  Learning tools (at least 2) selected from the student responses in Padlet.

4.  (1) Student will be the user-owner of the LMS and will be the instructor in the system

5.  All other students will be listed as students in the system

6.  "Teacher" will post the following question: "Why did the chicken cross the road?"

7.  All students will need to reply with a response to the teacher's question and post a response

**note: There is no "correct" answer to this question, the purpose of this is to get the students to utilize the tool.

**As a class we will discuss the results of the summative evaluation after I have graded the project. 


Please be honest!  Once you have completed your critique, please return the form to me so I can give you your certificate of completion.  Should you have any further questions or inputs/recommendations, please feel free to bring them up with me at any time!  Thank you for attending this course!