Behavioural Detection Awareness

Module 1 - The Threat

Why behaviour detection?

Increasingly, the most likely areas to be considered for attacks are areas outside secure zones, due to the relatively low level of obvious security, the openness to the public and the likely perceptions the screening activities will detect weapons and explosives


For this reason we need all employees to be on the lookout for suspect behavior

Consider this…

A taxi driver taking three men to the airport was confused when they did not allow him to handle their luggage, insisting on doing it themselves


They seemed nervous and rushed to get their luggage on arrival

Should this has been reported?

  • They may have been nervous passengers
  • The luggage may have contained a dangerous item
  • They may have been running late for a flight

Consequence of not reporting...

This was the ...

Brussels Airport Attack, 2016

Two suicide bombers, carrying explosives in large suitcases, attacked a departure hall at Brussels Airport in Zaventem. The first explosion occurred at 07:58 in check-in row 11; the second explosion occurred about nine seconds later in check-in row 2. The suicide bombers were visible in CCTV footage. Some witnesses said that before the first explosion occurred, shots were fired and there were yells in Arabic. However, authorities have stated afterwards that no shots were fired.

A third suicide bomber was prevented from detonating his own bomb by the force of a previous explosion. The third bomb was found in a search of the airport and was later destroyed by a controlled explosion. Belgium's federal prosecutor confirmed that the suicide bombers had detonated nail bombs.

Observation points from this attack

The attackers ..

  • Conducted detailed surveillance weeks before
  • Did some level of tactical planning and preparation
  • Had familiarity with the targets prior to the attack

Important to Note

The attackers showed observable behaviours in the weeks and movements before the attack that could have provided opportunities for intervention, if they had been reported

What is the threat?