Onboarding Course

A big warm welcome to Qualcon Solutions. We're delighted to have you on board as part of our contract workforce, and we hope you enjoy being part of our team.

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An overview of Qualcon Solutions

Find out more about Qualcon Solutions.

Our Capability Statement_Qualcon Solutions_Induction

Employee stories

Joseph Noble

Company Director/Project Manager

Joseph has been in the telecommunications industry for 15 years having worked on projects in N.Z, Fiji and Australia as a field technician and a project manager. This experience contributes to his well rounded management style. 

Joseph’s skills as a project manager ensure our projects are well organized and maintain a strong forward trajectory. 

I've been in the telecommunications industry for over 15 years and I am proud to be part of an industry that is constantly setting the benchmark for intgrating technology into everyday life.

Mission, Vision and Values

Qualcon Solutions is an innovative telecommunications services company. We believe technology can truly change our lives so we are working with Victoria’s most respected Delivery Partners to complete unique projects state-wide.

Our mission

Qualcon Solutions mission is simple.                                                                                              We are working hard to make Qualcon Solutions a respected brand with service delivery partners Victoria wide.

Our vision

We are transforming project pain points using our extensive project management experience and innovative delivery approach.

Our core values

  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Integrity

Our Culture

Our culture defines who we are

If our core values form the basis for who we are, then it's our culture that glues everything together. This short video explains a bit more about what our culture means to us, and why it's so central to what we do. 

Our Services

Working with Qualcon Solutions enables a single point of contact for our clients entire project.

We have a wide range of specialties and in-house capabilities that allows us to take on full responsibility for projects.

Working with Qualcon Solutions reduces client’s deployment costs and time to complete the project.

Our services include: 

Project Management (Certified Prince2 practitioner) 

Asbestos removal 

Pit and pipe installation 

Cable hauling (Copper & Fibre) 

Fibre splicing 

Copper jointing 

Fibre integration 

Recoverable works 

Telecommunication rigging 

Testing & Tagging 

Prescribed Industrial Waste transport

What are Qualcon Solution's company values?

  • We want to deliver a qaulity product that we can be proud of.
  • Qaulity is not important to Qualcon Solutions.
  • We want to build styrong relationships with our employees, contractors and clients.
  • We don't care about integrity.
  • We have three key areas that we are working on: Innovation, Collaboration and Integrity.

Environmental, Cultral and Hiritage Site Requirements

Envirnomental, Cultural, Heritage & Site Requirements

F-19 - Environmental,Cultural & Heritage Site Requirments

Corrective and preventive actions

Corrective and Preventive Action Raised

Corrective and Preventive Action Raised CPAR's are to be raised for, but are not limited to, the following; 

Repetitive problems arising from either,  Client Audits, Customer Complaints, etc;

To correct the findings of an Audit process;

Management system non-conformances

Unsatisfactory trends becoming apparent.

 The responsible Manager, Supervisor or the HSE Manager will accept the CAR and determine the necessary corrective action required to remedy the non-conformance. They will nominate a contractor to complete the action(s) then a close out date (resolution date) for the CAR.  This will be noted on the Continuous Improvement Register.  Where close out of the Continuous Improvement Register has not occurred by the due date (resolution date), appropriate steps shall be taken to achieve resolution. When corrective and preventive action has not been implemented, another CAR could be raised and cross referenced to the original CAR. Where necessary, this may need to be raised with senior management.

Health and Safety - Working on Qualcon Solutions sites

Health and Safety presentation

Health and Safety presentation

The way in which people conduct themselves in the workplace is an important element in maintaining safe and healthy working conditions.

Click on the slide arrows below to be informed of your OHS obligations while working on a Qualcon Solutions. When you get to Slide 28 please click next to move on.

F-036 Contractors Induction

Induction Questionaire

Site Documentation - How often do you fill out each form?

  • A job pre-start (or tailgate) must be completed
  • A SMWS must be completed
    at the biggining of a project and when new workers enter the site to work
  • A completion document must be completed
    at the end of every job
  • Dial Before You Digs must be completed
    at least 3 days prior to starting the job

How often do fire extinguishers require testing and tagging?

  • Once every six months by a qaulified person
  • Once every year by an unqaulified person
  • Not required as long as your boss is a good guy

How often do site electircal items need to be tested and tagged?

  • Every three months by an accredited person using the appropriate coloured tag
  • Every 6 months by your supervisor
  • Every year by an incomptetant person

When you are onsite who do you report and injury too?

  • Your Qualcon contact person and your immediate supervisor
  • Your partner
  • Your doctor
  • No-one, it is not a big issue

Can drugs and alcohol be consumed onsite?

  • No