Vertical 100 - Auto

This assessment covers the necessary knowledge to effectively prove competency in Nielsen Greater China's 100 level verticals, Automative espeicially.


There will be 5 big changes concerning the consumption demand on Chinese vehicle market future demand. Which of choices below are included? (MA) 中国汽车市场未来的消费需求会发生五大变化,请问是以下哪五种变化(多选

  • Go premium高端化
  • Go large cities大城化
  • Go small towns小城化
  • Go concentrate专一化
  • Go smart智能化
  • Go crossover跨界化
  • Go normal平民化
  • Go mobile移动化

Where do the new car buyers mostly come from in the next 12months? (SA) 未来一年计划购车者城市来源中比例最高的是(单选)

  • Tier 1 cities一线城市
  • Tier 2 cities二线城市
  • Tier 3 cities三线城市
  • Tier 4 cities四线城市

According to the changes of the new car sales growth, is this sentence true or false?从销量增幅的变化来看,这句话是正确还是错误?

  • Most of new car demand comes from smaller towns in Mid-west & South China 新车消费需求更多来自中西部和南部的小城

Which big 5 city strata will lead household consumption in the next decade? (MA)未来十年间引领居民消费的五大城市群是?(多选)

  • super cities超级城市
  • integrated industrial cities工业一体化城市
  • frontier cities边缘城市
  • tourism cities 旅游城市
  • satellite cities卫星城市
  • regional international cities区域国际化城市
  • traditional agricultural cities传统农业城市
  • affluent cities富裕城市
  • inland core cities内陆核心城市
  • resource-exhausted cities资源枯竭城市
  • modern agricultural cities现代农业城市
  • other area其他地区

In the next one year, which body type is considered most by consumers? (SA)未来一年,消费者考虑最多的车身类型是(单选)

  • sedan三厢轿车
  • hatchback.两厢轿车
  • SUV
  • MPV

Which car below has launched connected version that jointly launched by SAIC and Alibaba recently? (SA)以下哪款车是上汽与阿里合作刚推出的互联网汽车产品?(单选)

  • Roewe 550荣威550
  • Roewe e950荣威e950
  • MG GS锐腾
  • Roewe RX5荣威RX5

Which car below is not cross body style? (SA)请问以下哪款车不属于跨界车?(单选)

  • Peugeot 2008标致2008
  • Benz GLA奔驰GLA
  • VW Tiguan大众途观
  • Mazda CX-4马自达CX-4

According to the survey data, what percentage of consumers are truly understand the smart car? (SA)调研数据显示,目前有百分之多少的消费者真正了解智能汽车?(单选)

  • 10%
  • 12%
  • 14%
  • 16%

Which price range of cars is mainly sold in the 5 big city strata? (SA)五大城市群的销量较大的主流汽车主要集中在哪个价格区间?(单选)

  • ¥120k below 12万以下
  • ¥120k~180k 12~18万
  • ¥180k~250k 18~25万
  • ¥250k~360k 25~36万

Which country’s share of loan-financed car sales is the lowest? (SA)以下哪个国家采用按揭方式购车的比例最低:(单选)

  • Brazil巴西
  • India印度
  • China中国
  • German德国

What is the percentage of generation Z consumers of total new car consumers ?(SA) Z一代消费者目前占汽车购买人群比例约为?(单选)

  • <10% below
  • 10%~20%
  • 20%~30%
  • >30% above

To grasp future blue ocean market, which 5 emerging car consumer groups should we pay attention to? (MA)把握未来的蓝海市场,需要关注的五类新兴消费群体为:(多选)

  • Generation Z Z一代
  • Rich elderly 多金老年族
  • Middle-class female 中产新女性
  • Pre two-children family 准二孩家庭
  • New middle class 中产新贵族
  • New City Immigrants 城市新移民
  • Small-town strivers 小城奋斗族

Which description below is the most accurate description for the value sense of 90s? (SA) 以下哪个词能准确地描述90后的价值观?(单选)

  • start up dream投入梦想
  • Strive for return努力图报
  • Prudent谨慎选择
  • Traditional恪守传统

Among the advanced vehicle technologies, which 3 technologies have been more widely used and are more matured?(MA)在前沿性汽车技术当中,应用场景更为广泛,技术更为成熟的是哪三项技术?(多选)

  • Autonomous drive自动驾驶
  • NEV新能源动力
  • Light weight轻量化
  • HMI人机交互
  • IOV车联网
  • Voice & gesture recognition语音/手势识别
  • Remote control 远程控制

Is this sentence true or false? 这句话是否正确

  • Brand touch and customer experience management will be a key factor for Auto enterprises to success in the future.品牌触点与消费者体验管理将是汽车企业制胜未来的一大要诀

Which brand below is connected car manufacturer? (SA)以下哪个品牌属于互联网汽车生产商?(单选)

  • Zotye众泰汽车
  • NEXTEV 蔚来汽车
  • LIEBAO猎豹汽车
  • Didi Taxi滴滴出行

What is the car penetration rate of China? (SA)目前中国汽车的千人保有量大约为多少台?(单选)

  • 200 vehicles/1000people 200辆/千人
  • 160 vehicles/1000people 160辆/千人
  • 120 vehicles/1000people 120辆/千人
  • 80 vehicles/1000people 80辆/千人

Is this sentence true or false?这句话是正确的还是错误的?

  • Low consumption demand strata have more demands on lower priced cars低消费潜力城市群有着更多的经济型汽车需求

Among the descriptions of Middle-class female, which one is not match with the facts? (SA) 以下关于中产新女性的各种描述中,那一句是不符合事实的?(单选)

  • They are used to purchase online and have high purchase power, especially for post 80s.中产新女性既有购买力且又有极高网购习惯,犹以80后女性最为突出
  • They are not interested in vehicle a lot when they surf the internet, and the percentage of browsing auto info is 26%. 中产新女性在网络上对汽车的关注度并不高,主动浏览的比例仅有26%
  • They have highest car purchasing preference on MPV, not small car. 中产新女性在买车的偏好上最高的不是小型轿车,而是MPV车
  • Though the share of population for female is lower than those for male, population scale and purchase intention of women are growing faster than man. 女性虽然在人口比例上未超过男性,但在人口规模和消费意愿的增幅上快于男性

Which brand below want to transfer their vehicle from simply a way of transportation to a mobile energy station?(SA) 希望将自己的汽车从一个单纯的交通工具打造成移动能量站的,指的是以下哪个品牌?(单选)

  • Audi奥迪
  • BMW宝马
  • Tesla特斯拉
  • Letv auto乐视汽车