Parker School Uniforms

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The Parker difference

Parker schools and Parker families know to expect...  (mark all that apply)

Quality, service and value

We guarantee our skirts and jumpers for two full years.

We guarantee our other garments for one semester against manufacturing defects.

Our advantage

Our advantage

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Сombine elements from the left column with the elements on the right
We use a wrinkle-resistant finish,
and construction methods
We constantly assess and improve our materials
and treat our fabrics to repel stains.
We strengthen garments and
reinforce the knees on boys' pants.
We build in generous hems and seams and other adjustable features
to help our uniforms keep up with your kids.

Parker uniforms look like...    (mark all of those that apply)

The benefits of uniforms

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Other benefits

By the numbers

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Сombine elements from the left column with the elements on the right
We recommend a minimum of
are guaranteed for 2 years.
Items that are unworn, unwashed, unaltered and have all original tags attached may be returned
are guaranteed for 1 year against defects in manufacturing.
All Parker-made garments (jumpers, skirts, culottes)
within 90 days of purchase.
All other garments
3 tops and 2-3 bottoms per season, 1 sweater and a belt.

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Top products for boys generally are...

Parker products

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