Google Analytics - Beginner

Welcome to the Google Analytics course for beginners eLearning suite.

Here you can recap and test your knowledge on the detail you learnt during your training session with iocea.

Audience Overview

Match these data terms to the correct description

  • Sessions tells me...
    How many times a site user has visited my site and interacted in some way
  • Page Views tells me...
    How many pages a site user has visited during a session
  • Bounce rate tells me...
    The rate of sites users entering my site and then leaving before interacting
  • Users tells me...
    The number of site users that have had at least 1 session

Answer the following True or False statements

Toggle between 'True' or 'False' for the following statements to test your knowledge.

  • When selecting a date range, I can only compare my date range to the previous year
  • I can only filter my Audience data in the country my site is hosted in
  • I can filter my data to see what device and browser my site users used to use my site

Behaviour Overview

Which section under the Behaviour tab would I see how long a specific page takes to load?

  • Site Content
  • Site Speed
  • Site Search