Project Management Essentials for Success

Project Management may seem like a challenging management function where you juggle a variation of tasks simultaneously in order to execute a project. This does not have to be a daunting task! Geared with the right skills, knowledge, competencies and understanding of project management and its functions it should be a breeze. Please join us in this two week course where we refresh and run over some key aspects for execution of successful project management. This journey is going to be epic and excite you for your next project at hand!

Differentiate between project management and general management

Project Management differs from General Management in the following significant way

Project management by definition is the process of initiating, planning, implementing and evaluating tasks in order to meet specific requirements and goals within a specific period of time. Project Management requires excellent planning skills in order to execute a project successfully. A project manager has a major challenge when it comes to selecting and receiving the necessary resources in order to execute a project. They need to know exactly how to get the rest of the employees on the same page and understand the reasoning behind it in order to prevent potential conflict.

Project management differs from general management significantly in the following ways:

  • Project Management is a temporary venture required to develop a specific unique product to add value to the organization. General Management is the management of ongoing repetitive processes and functions required to deliver the same products and services.
  • Project Management has a set start date and end date. General Management is continues and recurring with no end date.
  • Project Management make use of resources for a short term period only until the project has been completed. General Management requires the resources to be available permanently.

Both these management functions are equally valuable and crucial in the successful running of any business.

  • It focuses on a project with a finite life span
  • Projects frequently need resources on a full time basis
  • Project Management focuses on projects with and indefinite life span