Getting The Meeting

30-second Commercial

30-second Commercials - Concept

Your 30-Second Commercial forms the foundation for your prospecting call. It is a snapshot of your company and your product or service.

The heart of the 30-second commercial is a capsule summary of your product or service. It tells prospects not only what you sell, but also how they might benefit from it.

The objective of the commercial is to spark the prospect's curiosity and engage him in a conversation. The commecial should cause the prospect to wonder, "How do you do that?", "Would that work in my situation?", or other similar question.  

30-second Commercial - Structure


Your name, the name of the company, and the nature of your product or service.

Pain Statement

A brief description of your product or service from the perspective of the pains addressed by it. [Choose two to three pains that are most relevant to the prospect to whom you are giving the commercial.]

Benefit Statement

A statement describing how the prospect would benefit from your product or service.


Adding a "Hook" Question to measure the relevance of your product or service to the prospect's situation and his interest level will facilitate a conversation.

30-Second Commercial

What Not To Do!

30-second Commercial

Now, done the right way!

30-second Commercial - Template

Now it's time to create your own 30-second Commercial


I'm [your name] with [name of your company].

We are a [type of company] firm specializing in [type of product/service].

We've been very successful developing and implementing [description of the nature of your product/service] for companies who were concerned about [potential problem #1], unhappy with [potential problem #2], or disappointed by [potential problem #3].

We've been able to help our customers [description of product/service benefit to customer]. 

Need Some Inspiration? 

Read an example next before you set off creating your 30-second Commercial.

30-second Commercial - Example


I'm Mark Smith with Logistical Planning Associates. We are a software development firm specializing in customer designed inventory management programs for manufacturing and distributions operations. 

.We've been very successful developing and implementing systems for companies that are concerned about the costs associated with inaccurate inventory counts, unhappy with frequent paperwork bottleneck that slow down the fulfillment process, or disappointed by the amount of time it takes to reconcile purchasing, invoicing, and shipping documents.

We've been able to help out customers substantially improve their ability to track, process, and account for inventory while eliminating redundant paperwork and speeding up the accounting process.

[Hook Question] If you could improve one aspect of your inventory management documentations process, which would it be?

The 30-second Commercial should:

  • Spark the prospect curiosity and interest.
    It should give enough information to initiate the conversation and create report with the prospect.
  • End with a hook question.
    A means to measure the relevance of your product and the prospect's situation to facilitate a conversation.
  • Not be a detailed history of the company.
    Irrelevant information that doesn't move the conversation forward.

30-second Commercial

Its your Turn!

Craft your 30-second commercial. It's ok to look back at the example, template or the video examples to get some inspiration. Write your commercial and be prepared to edit it several times to get it just right. 

There will be some customization to the commercial with each use, but the bulk of it will be something that remains the same every time you need it. If it's done right, it will move you from the introduction to discussing and discovering the real problems quickly.

It will probably take more than one attempt to get it right. So, write your commercial, set it aside, revisit it and make edits and changes until perfect. When complete, post your commercial in the forum and someone from Sandler will review it and provide feedback.