Project Management Refresher Course

This course will provide you with essential knowledge to become the most effective project manager within your own working environment. During the course you will be exposed to exciting and interactive sessions including mini projects, assignments and many others that will help you to gain all the information you require

Define what time management is

What it time management

Time Management is the ability to organize and plan the time spent on tasks within a project. If one has good time management skills, productivity and good project outcomes can be increased. It is a vital component of project management. It involves skills such as planning, setting goals and prioritizing for a better performance.

Many people waste time by not having the correct tools in order to perform job functions or they spend time doing unnecessary tasks. It is important to not only assign the correct time to each task but also to ascertain whether the task is necessary. Time management is a very important role in every aspect of our lives, from business to personal, even extends to managing ones family.

To not have effective time management can cause many disruptions within a project. By not delivering the completed project on time may come with many negative impacts; the cost of the project may increase and could cause frustrations for the client, the project manager and team members. And potentially the loss of a contract or client.

Good time management does not mean that you need to work harder to get the job done, but rather to work smarter and more efficiently. To manage your time effectively, try and do the following: avoid distractions, write list of task to be performed and list them in order of priority, estimate time for each task ad build in buffer times for unforeseen events. Remember to leave time for meetings and other necessary tasks. Finally create a schedule. A Gantt chart is a good way of tracking time

  • The ability to organise and plan time spent on tasks
  • The time it takes to complete a task
  • The ability to tell the time
  • To tell people how to manage their day