The project management review process

Understanding the steps in the Review Process

It is important to schedule reviews so that it can be conducted in a manner that is not disruptive to the project itself. The Project Review process is part of the project management methodology and as such is an integral component of effective project management. The project review process helps to identify those areas that require attention to make the project team and the project manager successful.


The review process

The project reviews can be conducted in three phases:

  1. Initiation Phase
  2. Research Phase
  3. Report Phase

Some of the steps conducted in the research phase include:

  • The deliverables and documentation are analysed, and then compared against the approved Project Methodology
  • Interview preparation activity is performed and conducted with relevant stakeholders
  • The Project Review will follow the PRL’s agenda and review questions
  • The project is evaluated
  • The Analyst will consolidate notes and create a preliminary set of findings and issues
  •  The Project's deliverables and documentation will be analyzed against existing standards

There are four types of reviews conducted during the course of a project. The reviews are to be conducted after control points are triggered.

  1. First Project Review
  2. Completion Review
  3. Special Reviews
  4. Non-Compliant Follow-Up Review

Review Timing and Frequency:

  • Timing of Reviews
    • The types of reviews and their timing are determined by the project's attributes. The three project attributes are (1) the testing or non-testing attribute, (2) project phase, and (3) criticality
  • Review Frequency
    • Review frequencies of reviews are shown in Exhibit 1

The 3 phases of project reviews

Which phases are correct for reviewing projects?

  • Final phase
  • Research phase
  • Execution phase
  • Interim phase

The 4 types of reviews conducted during the course of a project

True or False

  • Special reviews are part of the 4 reviews for project management
  • Compliant reviews are part of the 4 reviews for project management