Problematic Applications

Describe the troubleshooting action displayed in the image above.

The program we are using is called . The image indicated the application  has been  locally. 

When preparing to disable apps locally you must...

  • On your desktop menu bar select
    "Go > Go to Folder"
  • Locate the following directory:
  • Open the selected file using
    Sublime Text

Disabling an app locally prevents the application from executing its expected actions only on your device via which universal IP?


In the page source below, click on the section of text that calls active applications.

Describe the process required to replicate the image above.

  • On your desktop select "Go > Go To Folder" from the upper most menu bar.
  • In the subsequent text box enter "/private/etc/hosts"
  • Open the "host" file with Sublime Text
  • View the 'Page Source' for the respective website you are troubleshooting.
  • Locate the "function asyncLoad()".
  • Copy the app URL into Sublime Text in front of the IP address ''.
  • Save changes in Sublime Text and hard refresh the website to view your changes.
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