Project Management Life Cycle

Any Project or Event consist of different stages. These stages/phases of a project is widely known as the Project Life Cycle. During this course we will have a in debt look at focus areas of each of these stages in a Project Life Cycle. 

The Different stages in a Project Life Cycle

Choose the 3rd stage in a Project life Cycle

Project Life Cycle

Any planned project consists of different steps/phases. The steps/phases in a project is known and referred to as the life cycle of the Project.

The first phase of a project is the Defining / Initiation Phase. This is the phase where the idea for the project is born and defined. During this phase the project objectives are determined. Feasibility is checked and estimated time frames for the project is identified. This phase is the beginning of the project and needs to be clearly defines to ensure that all stakeholders understand the end goal.

The second phase of a project is the Planning phase. During this phase of the Project, a schedule for each deliverable is determined and all the tasks which need to be executed are identified. Resource requirements are identified and strategies to acquire it are determined.

The third phase involves the briefing of the team and stakeholders. All stakeholders and team members are briefed on the details of the project. The project team and stakeholders finalize the planning of all the tasks to be done, all resources needed, budget estimations and schedules.

The fourth phase of the project is the implementation phase. During this phase the project is executed and the project plan is officially in motion. Clear communication, continues support & the proper monitoring of processes is vital during this phase. Regular progress reports from the different departments are important in order for the project manager to monitor the progress of the project again the actual project plan.

 The last stage of the project is the Evaluation/closing phase.  During this phase final tasks are completed, lessons learned are identified. At the end of the project, an analysis of what went wrong and what went right is concluded in order to learn from it for future projects.

  • Define
  • Plan
  • Brief
  • Implement
  • Evaluate

What is the 3rd stage of the Project Life Cycle?

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