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About Luxury Retreats

Who we are

Who we are

Luxury Retreats is a full-service villa rental company dedicated to creating memorable travel experiences for a discerning clientele.

With nearly 20 years of service, founded in 1999, Luxury Retreats was one of the first websites to rent vacation homes and quickly became leaders in the industry. 

In February 2017, Airbnb acquired Luxury Retreats. Borrowing from their mastery of crafting exceptional trips for an high-end clients, Airbnb will launch a new brand, Beyond, in September 2018. 

What does this mean for our travel partners? 
The Luxury Retreats brand will run in parallel to Beyond, adopting only Airbnb's secure payment platform. The LR team will continue to nurture and improve on travel partner partnerships.

A look at the numbers

•  4,500+ luxury homes in over 100 destinations

•  85K+ travel partner clients traveled

•  Average length of stay: 7 nights

•  Average Travel Partner booking value: $20K



Curated Properties

Our team handpicks homes that are equipped with high-end amenities in the world’s most stunning locations

Professionally Inspected

Every home is vetted with an industry-leading 240+ point inspection plan, where fewer than 5% of homes that apply are accepted

4,500+ Homes

We offer every size of homes for every type of traveler. Prices range from: $180 per night to $50,000 per night

How to select the perfect home for you client?

OPTION 1 - Call our reservation line 1.888.933.9999 and allow our Villa Specialists to suggest options for your clients

OPTION 2 - Visit, filter your search, and submit an inquiry directly from the villa's description page

So... how well do you know us NOW?

  • With nearly 20 years of service, Luxury Retreats was one of the first websites to rent vacation homes and quickly became leaders in the industry.
  • Luxury Retreats offers professionally inspected homes in over 100 destinations worldwide, including: Europe, South East Asia, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Mexico, and Dubai.
  • Luxury Retreats professionally inspects each and every villa with an industry-leading 250-point inspection checklist.
  • Luxury Retreats offers over 4,500 homes throughout the world that range from $150 - $50,000 per night.

The LR Experience

Working with Luxury Retreats