Student Retention On boarding Course

Welcome to Student Retention On boarding course. We're delighted to have you on board, and we hope you're settling in nicely.

When you've finished taking this short course, you will:


Module 1


How familiar are you with Student Advising?

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Mission, Vision and Values

Distance education has evolved, offering an array of majors and servicing students around the globe. Essentially, Student Retention establishes contact and maintains a rapport with new and returning students. The online learning format is non-traditional and students are less likely to have access to faculty and staff. It is important for Student Retention to be familiar with programs and course offerings, policy changes, departmental Point of Contacts, and etc. In order to ensure each member of the Student Retention team is successful, a comprehensive ON-U Learning training is required for new hires.

Our mission

New Advisors may have prior experience in higher education, however, each institution has their own business processes, policies, academic protocols, and etc. Student Retention is the first point of contact for students; training will enhance your current skill set and provide a foundation for retaining knowledge.

Our vision

Transform business processes and daily operations to ensure the success of Student Retention.

Our core values

  • Analyze 
  • Develop
  • Value
  • Implement 
  • Service
  • Execute 


What are our company values?

  • Assist
  • Develop
  • Implement
  • Survey
  • Execute
  • Victory

Module 2


The students we serve are our main concern. We expect for ALL employees to arrive on time and provide excellent customer service. As you go through training you will gather tips and skills to better serve our students. 

Watch "What is Customer Service? The 7 Essential to Excellent Customer Service" and take notes in shared Google Doc folder. 

Coach David Brownlee. “What Is Customer Service ? The 7 Essentials To Excellent Customer Service.” YouTube, YouTube, 21 May 2013,

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Who is who?

Gail Oats (Director)

William Navi (Assistant Director)

Ieshia James (Financial  Coordinator)

Rena Bratcher (Education Coordinator)

Who's Who Match

  • Gail Oats
  • William Navi
    Assistant Director
  • Ieshia James
    Financial Coordinator
  • Rena Bratcher
    Education Coordinator

How do the 7 Essentials apply to university environment?

Module 3

Required Tools

This module introduces tools used for daily activities. 

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Tools and Resources

How to log Into Salesforce

We use Salesforce for time-tracking. This short video provides steps for logging into Salesforce.

How to access PeopleSoft

This brief video will tell you how to access PeopleSoft -and how to search for student records. 

Other Tools:

-Document Management System (DMS)

-CollegeSource Online

Knowledge Check

  • Employees use PeopleSoft for tracking time-in and time-out?
  • Salesforce requires that each employee has an Agent ID?
  • In order to locate the Student Center, you must first login to Workday?