Uplift 101

Welcome to Uplift! You've Got this. 

Your Time is Now

Uplift was born out of my own experience.

 Both my kids made me better at my job and life. Post kids, I made a significant career shift, saw improved performance reviews, lost 45 pounds and gave away half my possessions. -- Kari Clark, Founder

Studies show that having a kid is a great time to adopt new habits since your entire life is already changing, so why not mold it the way you want. Having kids is a time not to take a step back in your career, but a chance to rethink your life.

I’ve spoken to 100 women at the top of their fields who become better at their jobs post-kids.

“I attribute all the success I’ve had in the past 2.5 years to my son. And, I’ve gotten promoted twice.”   

Camille Dredge, Director of Business Operations, Nest

Uplift wants to empower you to propel your life and career forward.

Welcome to a New Challenge

In creating this program, I’ve interviewed over 100 women at the top of their fields. What surprised me most was that their lives were far from perfect.

Being a working mom is hard no matter how much help you have or where you fall on the corporate ladder.

One of my favorite stories was Marjolein Cuellar (single mom and head of the consulting firm, BCG’s San Francisco office) showing up to work with two different shoes. 

This slip-up resonated because I’ve done it. 

In these conversations were stories of breakdowns and depression, and also tons of laughing at the messiness of being a mom and finding joy in the mundane.

There were are few threads common throughout. The first and most important was intentionality. They all took the time to define what life they wanted to live and then built rules and structures to help them achieve this.

For example, Megan Weilber, Global Director of Recruiting at IDEO, reframes her daily errands with her kids as bonding activities. She recommends to 

“make sure you are doing one fun thing a day - even if it’s stopping when you are shopping and doing the quarter machine. It makes such an impression.”

Or, maybe it’s a bigger life overhaul,

 like Lindsey Oates (City of New York, Deputy Chief Financial Officer) did after struggling her first year as a new mom.She took a job with better hours and moved an apartment with a quick commute for both her and her husband. This change gave them more time as a family.

This program is not a checklist of ‘how to kick ass as a working mom.’ It’s about helping you create your own rulebook for how you want to be a working mom. What success is will be different for each mom.

This might sound incredibly intimidating -- most of us are struggling to just fit in a shower. How do you have time to be intentional or make significant changes in your life?

That’s where this program comes in. 

At Uplift, we know you are tired, stressed and time is limited.

That’s why we’ve mapped out exercises that will have the most impact in the smallest amount of time and with the least energy. 

But, little investments in time add up and will make a big difference. Even 3 minutes a day is over 18 hours a year. 

At Uplift, we believe:

  •  It’s easier to change your environment than your willpower. 
  • Your mindset is more important than your situation. 
  • Small, everyday habits are key to unlocking big shifts in your life. 
  • Knowing your core values makes everything easier.
  • Progress is more important than perfection. 

I’m excited to go on this journey with you. You can do this.

How the program works

Your Uplift program includes five parts:

  •  Content 
  • Exercises 
  • Daily check-ins 
  • Coaching sessions 
  • Your tribe

Content: Each week you will get access to new content -- available in audio and text. It’s the same content, so pick whatever is easiest for you.

When will you most likely consume the weekly content? Thinking through how the program fits into your life will help you do it!  Select all that apply.

  • During my commute
  • When I first get to work
  • At work, in the small breaks during the day
  • While pumping
  • After the kids go to bed
  • On the weekends
  • Other

Exercises: To help bring the content home, each week you will have a series of short exercises. Most of these will take around 5 minutes. A few weeks will require more in-depth work, but we’ll give you a heads up when these are coming.

When will you most likely do the weekly exercises? Select all that apply.

  • When I first get to work
  • At work, in the small breaks during the day
  • While pumping
  • After the kids go to bed
  • On the weekends
  • Other

Daily check-ins: A big part of Uplift is creating new positive daily habits, which is reinforced by your daily check-ins.

They take under a minute and will help you track progress on both the key goals that you set up in your initial coaching session and ones tied to this week’s content. Your coach will automatically see both your completed exercises and check-ins.

Coaching sessions: On top of this, you’ll have either weekly email check-ins or bi-weekly phone sessions with your coach, depending on your program.

 You own this time -- you can go more in-depth on the week’s work, or use it to discuss a particular issue you are facing.

Your Tribe: You’ll be set up with a small group of other working moms to support each other.

We ultimately want to create the best personalized program for YOU, so please provide us feedback throughout.