Instructional Design

A micro-lesson on Instructional Design.

Instructional Design

lnstructional Design Made Easy

Instructional Design Made Easy, adapted by Vicki Halsey’s book Brilliance by Design, illustrates how to develop a clear, high-impact training design that enables people to do their best thinking.

Show what you have learned from the video.

  • Help participants establish a personal connection with the content so it can be retained in their long term memory.

Creating a Portfolio

Creating a Portfolio is a great way to showcase your skills and prowess in designing and creating dynamic, interactive courses.  To learn more about the importance of creating a portfolio for your projects and view a number of exceptional portfolios in instructional design, read the 23 Model Examples of an Instructional Design Portfolio by Scott Winstead.

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Why is it important to create a portfolio for your projects in Instructional Design?

5 Instructional Design Best Practices to Create Successful Remote Learning

In this article, Peter Schroeder discusses best practices to create successful remote learning.

  1. Establish your presence
  2. Be available
  3. Promote active learning
  4. Consolidate content
  5. Design good questions

What kind of questions should you incorporate in your assessments?

  • Design questions that are open-ended
  • Design questions that challenge viewpoints.
  • Design questions that encourage problem-solving.
  • Design questions that are purely multiple choice

What are the factors that should you consider to create successful remote learning?

Professional Growth in Instructional Design

Attending conferences in Instructional Design and Ed Tech is a great way to boost your career.  Nate Johnson shares the 6 exciting Instructional Design Conferences in 2018.

Two conferences will be held in March 2018 in this state. Identify the hotspot.

Instructional Design Theories