DRAFT Course

Here we will be going through how to create a project 

Draft Course

What is a project ?

Project page 1

  • What actually is a project? One may think of a project as a task needing to be done at a deadline, but in reality it is a series of small tasks that need to be done, leading to a milestone.
  • Why does it need to be put into Maxinet? All Projects have to be tracked one way or another and projects consist of data which need to be stored and tracked so to bundle that up, it needs to be compressed into one project on a database system.

Transmittal Email

Transmittal email 

What’s in the transmittal 

  • Transmittal number which can be tracked through documentum
  • Documentum number
  • Project name and who it is distributed to
  • Example of a transmittal email


  • Can a transmittal be tracked in Documentum?
  • Does a transmittal contain a project ID?

How to search for a project in Documentum

How to search for a project in documentum
Page 3

( Optional ) Logging into Maxinet

 how to log into Maxinet and search for a project


Project Tab

Project tab





Match the correct Locations 

  • 10000
  • 15000
    terminal 5
  • 11134
    Terminal 1
  • 13000
    Terminal 3