Book Reviewer

The Makings of a Book Reviewer

Why Review Books Online

Why Review Books

Why Review Books

Do you enjoy reading and want more people to read the same books as you? Then book reviewing might be for you! Many people enjoy reading books but don't always find the best books to read. They rely on reviews from other people that have read the book in order to know the quality of the novel. By building a blog, people will buy books because based off of the reviews your written about. 

Why do you want to review books?

  • To gain followers on social media
  • Because I love to read

What to Write

What to Write

Your opinions matter

Writing a blog is the same as writing a first person essay about your favorite subject, unless you hated the book, in which case I'm sorry but you should write about it anyway. Like any good writing, you must start off with the 'hook' to get your readers interested. The beginning can be about how you came across the novel or it can start off with a quote from the book to show what the author's writing style is like. Whichever way you go, make sure that you enjoy writing the introduction as much as your readers do. 

After the introduction is complete, start a new paragraph about the storyline. Write about what you liked and disliked from the book, the more detailed your explanations, the better. Think about the factors that make a book interesting to read. Is  it easy to read? Are the characters well rounded? Is the storyline interesting? The purpose of writing a review is to show why the book was worthwhile to read. Or unworthy to read, either way you're doing people a favor in writing reviews. 

Begin your review with a ...

  • Hook so readers can be interested
  • Review from another book so readers can recap on the previous review
  • Explain why you became a reviewer in the first place

How to Make Your Blog Popular?

How to Advertise Your Blog

How to Advertise Your Blog

Once you have your website set up, you need to make sure it can be seen by everyone on the web. There are a number of ways to get more people to read your blog.

  • Post on social media regularly to ensure that the people who follow are viewing your blog post. The more you publish your reviews, the more people that will notice.
  • Follow authors that you're interested in reading. While they may not contact after you follow them, you can be up to date on the newest books and even gain followers who've read from the same authors.
  • Use Goodreads app. It may see strange to use a website built on book reviews to help your blog but most reviewers use the website to boost their blog. By posting your reviews on the app with the link of your blog on your profile, you'll have more members who are likely to follow blog because they've read from the books.

What resources would you use to advertise your blog

  • Social media so more people online can see my work
  • Emailing my reviews to authors so that they would follow my review