ActivInspire Training

Hi there! Welcome to ActivInspire Training!

In this lesson, learners will be introduced to basic terminology, tools, navigation, and training support for ActivInspire software. Completion of this module is expected to take about 20 minutes.

Good luck with the course!


Lesson 1: Learning the tools.

About the toolbar.

ActivInspire Flipchart tools for beginners- This in the first sequence in a series of training's. This course is recommended for anyone who is new to ActivInspire, Grades Pre K-12. This course will focus on getting to know the different functions of ActivInspire to help aide in creating flipcharts.  Staff will learn how to use the tool bars, syncing the board, changing to different tools, screenshots, adding images, and links into flipcharts.

Go on to the next page and watch the video.

Learning the Toobar video

Match the terms

Use the image of the Toolbar to answer the questions.

  • Pen
    Used to write on flipchart page.
  • Shapes
    Add different geometric items to the page.
  • Pen Colors
    24 different options
  • Reset page
    clears the page to the last saved location
  • media
    used to insert photos, or video.

Creating a Page

Creating a page

Creating the page. 

Watch the video and answer the questions that follow.

Drag and drop the terms to their correct location in the picture

  • New Page
  • Reset Page
  • Add Media
  • Add Text