How to Create a Change Request using SAP Management of Change Module - MOC

This course is designed to help KCM employees use the SAP MOC module to manage change in their operations. According to procedure KCM LP35, all changes to various aspects of the organisations functions must be managed using the procedure. KCM has invested in SAP technology to manage all changes to operations, materials, procedures, e.t.c. It is therefore imperative that employees know how to use SAP MOC module in order for them to do the management of change process effectively. 

Take time and go through this course to understand how to use SAP MOC to do management of change process as governed by KCM LP35.

Creating a Change Request

Management of Change Procedure- KCM LP35

Defining Change in KCM LP35

Changes that require a Change Request

SAP MOC Module

Accessing the SAP MOC Module

Entering the Key Details of a Change Request

Entering the details of a change request

Sustainability Considerations

Submitting the Change Request



What do the Initials MOC stand For?

Which of the following fields are mandatory when creating a change request? Choose all that are applicable.

Which procedure governs the management of change process in KCM?

A change request can only be created by the Head of Department. True or False?

A Change request must be created for each of the following changes. Choose all that are Applicable.