PM/E Excellence Survey - Descriptive Response [SR PME]

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This section is about sharing your experience with us. We invite to respond using full sentences, or bullet point format - whichever works best for you.

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Senior PM/E Descriptive Response

You've learned about a Canada-wide opportunity that seems to be a good fit for Houle's market and services. What do you do next?

You have won a large project with a significant Eaton package in it. What you need to do before placing your distribution purchase order?

You are bidding work outside your local area and need to include Living Out Allowance - LOA in your estimate. Would you follow the formula in the Inside Wireman's Agreement? If so, how and why.

Describe how you would work to increase the level of Gross Profit - GP on your jobs, and within your division:

Describe a time when you applied creativity in estimating:

Explain a challenging negotiation that you have experienced:

Explain how you have used influence and demonstrated leadership to achieve a favorable result on a project in a situation where you did not hold direct authority.

Describe a time when you applied creativity in project management:

Describe a time when you made a mistake on a project, and the steps you took to correct and rebuild trust:

Describe the relationship between the PM/E and Foreman in the management of the projects in general.

Describe how you assist the Foreman when managing the project:

Describe a time when you applied creativity in Change Orders:

How do you see the customer helping Houle to be successful on projects?

Some customers and consultants allow for greater freedoms in construction decisions, alternate materials, wiring methods etc. on their projects. Which customers have you worked with, or are aware of, that do this? What freedoms do they allow?

In which new markets do you see opportunities for Houle in the future?