Indigenous Awareness

This online course is being developed to increase and foster knowledge of Aboriginal people’s history in Canada.  In particular “The Truth and Reconciliation” report that the government considered as a high priority given to this topic due to:

Who are the Indigenous People

Artifact question

1) What is it artifact?

  • 1) These are homes
  • 2) These are totem poles
  • 3) This is a part of a museum
  • 4) This is art

Northwest Coast Art

How many Indigenous groups have carved totem poles? Can you name them?

Meaning of Totem Poles:

Totem Poles are carved from cedar trees by the Pacific Northwest Coast Indigenous people.  They are carved and some are painted with figures of animals, that symbolize the crests of clans and/or stories about the families.  A totem is a symbol, such as an animal or plant, that is believed to have spiritual meaning and are not worshiped but they inspired respect.

Indigenous True or False questions

  • There are 30 different Indigenous languages in British Columbia.
  • The Mohawk tribe is located in Alberta.
  • Cree tribe is the largest tribe in Canada.
  • Vancouver is in Traditional Coast Salish territories.