WAREX 86-16-03 Road To Conflict

This learning event is designed to orient you to the Road to Conflict and assist in your preparation as a role player in the Higher Adjacent Lower Supporting Supported (HALSS) cell, Observer Controller Trainer (OCT) or Training Audience (TA) for WAREX 86-16-03.

There are seven module sections within this course of instruction:

Press the "Start" button on a section tile to begin a section. Sections do not have to be completed in any particular order. At the end of each section there is a short five question quiz that tests you mastery of the material. A score of 80% for each section quiz must be achieved in order to successfully complete the course. Once a section has been completed press the "Home" button to go back to the tile menu and select another section.


Regional Overview

Regional Overview

Regional Conditions


Road To Conflict Events

United States Response

CJTF-16 Overview

Which of the following countries is a political dictatorship?

Which of the following countries is strategically located along the Black Sea?

Which of the following countries has the two largest military forces in the region?

Which of the following countries have industries based on hydrocarbon extraction and petroleum?

What Army Corps is the CJTF-16 Combined Joint Force Land Component Command (CJFLCC)?

Phases I-III

Phase I Deploy/Deter TPFDD Flow

Phase I Deployment of Forces to CJOA

Phase II Seize The Initiative - Ariana Attack

Phase II Seize The Initiative - Emerging Humanitarian Crisis

Phase II Seize The Initiative - Ariana Advance

Phase II Seize The Initiative - Movement To Defensive Positions

Phase IIIa Dominate

Phase IIIb Dominate

Phase IIIc Dominate

Phase IIId Dominate

On What Ship is the CJTF-16 aboard when it arrives on station in the Black Sea, west of the SPOD in BEACH GORGAS?

What Area of Operations (AO) encompasses the SPOD, APOD and LSA GORGAS?

What was the objective of the ARIANA attack into ATROPIA?

What are the three primary United States maneuver divisions involved in the defense of Atropia?

Which United States maneuver division re-established the Atropian border by the end of Phase III?

Phase IV

Phase IV Enemy Situation

Phase IV Friendly Situation

Phase IV Objective

Phase IV Irregular Force Threat Overview

Phase IV South Atropia People's Army (SAPA) Threat

Phase IV Criminal Organization Threat

At the beginning of Phase IV which Arianan Operational Strategic Command (OSC) is at only 50-60% strength?

Currently, CJFLCC HQ is located at BASE CAMP PEGASUS in GREENBAY ATR. 2 MEF (FWD) is screening the border of ATR . 1 CD and 3 ID are arrayed north of 2 MEF (FWD) with 1 CD east of the Mississippi River and 3 ID west of the river.

During Phase IV (STABILIZE), the objective will be to set the conditions for long-term, sustained stability in ATROPIA.

ARI SPF and insurgents will focus their effort on conducting asymmetric attacks across the CJFLCC AO to deny/disrupt the CJTF-16 ability to restore stability and local services to the civilian populace IOT destabilize the current ATR governments.

Which of the following criminal organizations is a third-generation criminal organization with the ability to control ungoverned territory within nation-states?

Phase IV Sustainment

Theater Sustainment Overview

LSA Gorgas Distribution

Atropia Sustainment Overview

55th Sustainment Brigade Tasks

55th Sustainment Brigade Concept of Support

Distribution Integration

Mobility - Linehaul

Mobility Air & Rail

Supply & Services

Fuel & Water

Field Services



Human Resource Operations

Which Logistics Support Area is the Theater Distribution Center?

Which Logistics Support Area supports 3rd Infantry Division?

Which Logistics Support Area supports 1st Cavalry Division?

Which Sustainment Brigade provides area support to 1st Cavalry Division?

Which two Combat Sustainment Support Battalions (CSSBs) are co-located with the 55th Sustainment Brigade at LSA Trigger?

Phase IV Engineer

Scheme of Engineer Support

Assured Mobility

Mobility Support


General Engineering

Engineer Reconnaissance

420 Engineer Brigade Tasks

During Phase IV U.S. Army engineer units will begin partnering with Atropian engineer forces.

During Phase IV the U.S. Army engineer priority of effort is to rebuild Atropian infrastructure.

The logistics civilian augmentation program (LOGCAP) will be limited at the start of Phase IV.

Which is NOT a 420 Engineer Brigade Task?

Where does the 420th Engineer Brigade have to be prepared to construct camps in the CJFLCC AO IOT house, treat and feed dislocated civilians?

Phase IV Protection

Military Police

Military Police Engagement

Military Police Law Enforcement

Military Police Traffic Control

333 Military Police Brigade Tasks

Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Threat

CBRN Scheme of Support

48 Chemical Brigade Tasks

The Military Police priority during Phase IV is reconstituting police capabilities.

If Atropian civilians block MSRs/ASRs, the military police are to take any means necessary to clear the route(s).

Which of the following are tasks of the 333 Military Police Brigade?

Ariana supports a CBRN first strike policy in the event it believes its national security is in jeopardy.

During Phase IV chemical units focus primarily on one line of effort.