Getting to Know Xero

This module will take you through an introduction to Xero from setting up a new organisation and navigating your way around Xero to start the bookkeeping for your new client.

Getting Started

Getting started with Xero

Checklist for opening a new Xero file

Setting up a new organisation in XERO

Access to XERO will be set up in a couple of ways:-

Set up a new client organisation – login to your partner edition – on My Xero (you will have a green banner at the top of the page) Click on + new organisation. Enter the client name and select a trial version or purchase an appropriate pricing plan.

Client has an existing Xero subscription – in this case you will need the subscriber of your client’s account to invite you to their Xero file and set you up as an advisor, include manage user, payroll admin and contact bank access if required and agreed with client.

Starting a new organisation

Enter name of organisation : This is the name that will show on Xero client list

Start Trial: Use this option to get 30 days free access to start client file

- next step – set up guide


Buy Now: This option will take you to pricing plan and billing details

- next step – set up guide

NOTE: Move your data to Xero for free – if your client wants data moved to Xero – Jetconvert offers a free service from MYOB & Reckon files. Current and previous FY data will be converted.

Selecting a pricing plan

Pricing Plans

  • Standard plan $50pm - payroll for one employee
  • Premium 5 $60pm - includes up to five employees, auto-super & multi-currency.
  • If a client has a Xero plan with five employees and has more than 5 active employees in one month they will have to upgrade to a higher plan to process those payslips. Plan can be changed back to lower plan if required.

Higher pricing plans

  • Xero frequently have discounted promotions


  • Check for promotions BEFORE subscribing


  • Can’t get promos once subscribed

Xero discounts

Xero discounts – check your emails from Xero and take advantage of discount offers

Xero Partners - Video

Untitled section

Set up Guide

Setup Guide

  • Watch the video guide to refresh your memory about setting up a new client

  • Collect key information about your new client
  • Xero Setup guides you through each step – any missing details can be added later.

Setting Up a new Xero File

Organisation settings

Setup Guide

Organisation Details

Display name

Legal/Trading name

Organisation Type

What is your line of Business?


Contact Details

Social links

Financial Settings

Setup Guide

Enter Financial Details

Financial Year End

Activity Statement settings – Cash or Accrual?

TFN – if you have it

GST calculation

PAYG Withheld Period

PAYG income Tax Method

Tax defaults

Time zone

Invoice Settings

Setup Guide

Invoice Settings

Does your client use invoices?

Choose Yes to set up invoices now, skip this step or you can set up invoices later

Invite Users

Setup Guide

Invite Users

Invite other users to your organisation

  • Don't forget to invite Shoebox National Office – [email protected]
  • Business owner may want access – check what level of access they require

Set up Currencies

Setup Guide


Skip this step if foreign currency is not used by your client.

Chart of Accounts

Setup Guide

Import Chart of Accounts

Import COA from Shoebox precedent CD

We use the MYOB Chart of accounts as set up on your precedent CD.

Import a suitable chart of accounts for a sole trader, company , café or trust.

Conversion Date

Setup Guide

Account Balances

Set conversion date

Conversion date should be set as start of financial year or a start of quarter date.

Once conversion date is set transaction cannot be enter for a date prior to conversion date.