building a cutting edge website

I welcome you to the building a cutting edge website course. Here you will be taught about building websites that are fully responsive, beatifull and without coding. I am vusimuzi given your instructor , i hope by the end of this course you will be able to build website that are admired by your visitors, generate some income and last but not least be unique.

As a web designer I have built multiple websites, test driven more than 30 website builders but believe me, most of them are just a waste of time , money and effort. Building websites shouldn't be considered hard and impossible becouse these days peolpe are getting their fortunes from their websites. I will teach you some of the tricks I used to make my websites stand out from the others not to mention my ux and ui experience that I shall impart to you too.

This course have been divided into sections for you to easily locate each section , take a break between your reading sessions and continue were you left of. At the end of the course I will be giving out certificates to candidates that have successfully completed the course. You can use it to show of your skills on your website or even as part of your resume.

I think I have given you as much information on what this course will be about, now its time to get started !


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